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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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NOTAM Brief Improvements
12 March 2019

You may have noticed that the latest version of SkyDemon brings a redesign of the NOTAM briefing, with significantly enhanced functionality. Special items in the body of NOTAMs are now turned into hyperlinks offering more functionality. Coordinates take you straight to the map, so you can see exa...

Welcome, Georgia!
05 March 2019

A couple of weeks ago we released SkyDemon version 3.12, complete with spoken output. It's like having your own personal air traffic controller telling you only about the traffic that's directly relevant to you. If you've used it, which traffic receiver do you use, and which is your preferred voice?...

Spoken Output
06 February 2019

The forthcoming version of SkyDemon offers spoken output for the first time. When connected to a traffic receiver, our new Verbal Traffic Information feature will warn you about an aircraft that is going to get too close to you, and tell you about other aircraft within visual range which may get ...

Queen's Awards for Enterprise
29 January 2019

This morning we were visited by Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant for Somerset, to be presented with our double Queen's Awards for Enterprise at our new office. We spent a very enjoyable two hours chatting all things business and aviation with them both. Plenty of exciting devel...

French GAFOR
07 January 2019

We now have French GAFOR forecasts in SkyDemon. GAFOR is an excellent way of simplifying cloudbase and visibility together to deliver a forecast of closed, marginal, difficult or open. The forecast is delivered in two-hour time slices and applies either to a route (in mountainous territory with p...

Automatic Plate Downloading
06 December 2018

Have you ever needed an airfield plate when flying but then realised you hadn't remembered to download it? The forthcoming version of SkyDemon lets you switch from on-demand plate downloading to fully-automatic. With automatic downloading, all charts and other documents for the airfields in your ...

Airfield Brief and Other Features
21 November 2018

Version 3.11 of SkyDemon is out now for iOS, Android and PC. In the mobile editions of SkyDemon we've done loads of work to improve the tools available for assisting an approach. Most of the work has been done around visual approaches to a known circuit; we now offer a selection of circuits for a...

Approach Tools Continued
16 October 2018

Last week we posted about some work we'd been doing on the SkyDemon approach tools. We received a lot of feedback from that post and we've continued to refine the appearance of these tools ready for the next release. You told us that the white and purple arrows were confusing, it wasn't obvious w...

Approach Tools
09 October 2018

Have you used the tools in SkyDemon that help you make a VFR approach to a circuit? For a few years now, you've been able to tap on the Airfield Brief when approaching your destination, or one of the buttons at the end of its extended runway centrelines, and nominate a runway and circuit join. Sk...

Flight Logging Controls
25 September 2018

In the latest version of SkyDemon we've made it simpler to access the powerful flight logging controls available to you. When you enter navigation mode, on the ground, you'll see buttons at the bottom of the screen to log your engine start time, and to log your off blocks time. The buttons are sh...

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