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Divelements was the first company to produce complex business-grade controls for the Silverlight platform. We single-handedly proved that creating rich business applications that run in the browser on multiple platforms was not only possible, it could be made easy. Our Silverlight window management suite provides dockable, floatable windows and tabbed documents with the layout flexibility of the Visual Studio shell, and our Office 2007 Ribbon implementation provides nearly every feature from this popular commanding solution.

Find out more about our Silverlight products from the list on the right, or try out the live interactive demos below to see them in action.

Demo: The Megatron

The first few tabs from the Microsoft Word interface are recreated here to show the power of the Office 2007 Ribbon UI. A full dockable windows and tabbed documents layout provides necessary windowing facilities and also integrates with ribbon functionality such as dialog launchers. Alternate color schemes for both products are shown.

Not all of the controls have actions associated with them but many do, so please experiment. Remember to try resizing your browser window horizontally to see the dynamic ribbon resizing in operation. Click on the screenshot to start the demo.

Demo Screenshot

Demo: Outlook Shell

The shell from Microsoft Outlook is recreated here using the menu and toolbar functionality from SandRibbon and the application navigation functionality from SandShell. Toolbars can be rafted within their container and the navigation bar supports adjustments of its visible panes and collapsing to minimized state. Alternate color schemes for both products are shown.

Demo Screenshot

Demo: Chat Client

We wrote a live chat application, again using both SandDock and SandRibbon. We mainly wanted to show off windowing capabilities, which include animations, minimization and maximization and more. We also use the ribbon product to create popup context menus and a "switchbar" that can easily be used to switch between open windows.

Note: This is not a live demo at present.

Demo Screenshot

SandRibbon Office 2007 UI

Our implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon UI contains everything you need to build dynamically-resizing interfaces with full-featured ribbons and associated controls.

Also provided are standalone toolbars and context menus for use outside of the ribbon.

More Info | Download

SandDock Dockable Windows

SandDock brings advanced window management to your websites, allowing you to divide your applications into windows that can be docked, floated and collapsed by the user.

Standalone windowing functionality including full MDI support and modal dialogs is also supported.

More Info | Download

SandShell Outlook UI

SandShell provides controls that help you mimic the task-based navigation user interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Also included is alerting capability, allowing you to present notifications to users without interrupting them.

More Info | Download

Free Silverlight Controls

We have created and are maintaining this free set of simple but commonly-requested tools, including an HTML display control. If you have any ideas for other simple components we could include, please let us know.

More Info

Our Commitment to Silverlight

Like WPF, Silverlight contains a platform-integrated method of allowing our customers to completely change the look and feel of our controls using nothing but markup, and we encourage this as much as possible. In our SandDock product we ship the source code for example "skins" that completely change the appearance of the product to match that of well-known applications such as Microsoft Expression Blend. In SandRibbon we ship alternate color schemes for the ribbon: Black and Silver.

There are no designer tools shipping for Silverlight yet aside from Expression Blend, which does not provide facilities for control authors to customize the design-time experience. However the next version of the "Cider" designer - shipping with the next version of Visual Studio - will contain such tools and as usual we are working closely with Microsoft to ensure that when it ships we'll have the best designer experience available for our products.

Because Silverlight is a web-based platform, it's more important than ever to ensure that the runtimes you depend on are as small as possible. Our controls are exceptionally well architected in order to bring you the most powerful API for the task, but wrapped in a very small assembly.

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