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Upgrading Controls
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Whether you have been evaluating our products and are ready to install a commercial version, or you are upgrading from one commercial version to another, you should follow the steps below to ensure a seamless experience in your projects.

  1. Uninstall the previous, or evaluation, product from your control panel.
  2. Install the new version, activating as necessary during the install.
  3. Windows Forms

    Open your solution in Visual Studio, and open a form designer containing the product. Force a re-save by changing a property, changing it back (don't use Undo) then pressing save.


    Open your solution in Visual Studio, open the licenses.licx file (if any) and adjust the version number next to any Divelements components. Unfortunately the WPF designer won't do this for you.

Opening a form designer is important for Windows Forms products because of the way Visual Studio and the .NET framework implement licensing. It forces Visual Studio to evaluate which licensed components you are using and update the licenses.licx file in your project. Changing a property and re-saving forces all designer code to be freshly generated. This is important because we often find ways to optimize designer-generated code between versions, and you want to ensure you are always using the latest APIs in your application.

If you encounter any errors after performing this process, it's possible that despite uninstalling the product, a few binaries have been copied and are still being found by Visual Studio. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does, you can follow our guide to performing a clean install to ensure everything is properly cleaned up before installing a new version.

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