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About Product Activation
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In new versions of our products, we use product activation in order to ship just one installer for each product. Whereas previously we would ship separate evaluation and commercial builds, we now ship one build and simply prompt for customer area account details upon installation. The user can skip this step to activate the product for a normal 30 day evaluation, or enter their details to activate the product as fully commercial.

The process of activation connects to our website to validate the credentials supplied. After checking the customer is correctly licensed for the version they are installing, the license is embedded into applications developed by the customer that use our software.

We also use product activation to help fight against software piracy. It ensures that we will be aware if someone steals a customer's credentials and shares one of our products illegally using those credentials for activation, so that we can take steps to alert the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do I need to activate?
Once, when you install the product. If you later install a newer version, you will need to activate again during its installation.

Q. Does this mean I need internet access during activation?
For the simplest method of activation, yes. If something prevents you from activating via the internet during installation you can activate later using our offline activation tool.

Q. What if my support or upgrade eligibility has expired?
This does not affect your ability to activate those versions of the product released during your period of eligibility. You will always be able to activate a product you have purchased.

Q. What is stored when I activate?
A license key specific to you is stored on your development machine and embedded into your applications to validate your Divelements product. We store a unique identifier for the machine on which the product has been activated in our secure database.

Q. I have a build machine where the product will not be installed, but it needs to build our codebase. What about activation?
We have a solution to this called build machine activation. This tool allows activation at runtime using a different method than normal .NET licensing. This solution is also ideal for companies where developers who are not licensed to use our products need to compile a codebase that does reference our products.

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