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Licensing can be a tiresome process, but we've done our best to make our licensing model as easy to understand (and as helpful) as possible. These frequently-asked questions should help you decide which type of licensing is best for you.

Who needs to be licensed?

Every developer in your organisation who is using our product in a design-time capacity, or writing or maintaining code that makes use of our APIs, needs to be licensed to do so. You purchase licenses for developers, not for machines. Once a developer is licensed they are therefore entitled to use the product on more than one machine, and indeed to work from multiple locations.

Who does not need to be licensed?

If you have developers who need to compile your codebase but do not touch any code that uses our APIs, they do not need to be licensed. If you have automated build machines, a license is not required for these either. The product will either need to be installed on these machines and activated by a licensed colleague or alternatively a special kind of runtime activation model can be used.

What type of licenses should I get?

For small teams, you can make use of our tiered pricing to buy a single developer license for each developer required, which means that the more licenses you buy the cheaper each license becomes. This proves to be very cost effective for small teams of developers.

Alternatively, if your organisation has many developers in one place you can purchase a site license. A site license is registered to a site (normally a physical building) and all employees in that building are then each automatically covered under a normal single developer license. This type of licensing is more cost-effective for large enterprises but employees not working at the site will still need to be individually licensed.

Do I need to pay anything more when deploying my application?

Absolutely not: our licenses are royalty-free. This means there is no fee to pay to deploy your application, and no limit on the number of compiled applications you can deploy that use our compiled redistributable binaries. All you pay for are the licenses for your developers.

How long does a license last?

Forever. A license purchase also includes a year of free product upgrades and email technical support. After the year is up, you can optionally choose to renew eligibility for product upgrades and technical support, but even if you don't you can still continue using the products you are licensed for.

Can I license source code?

No. Our products are among the best of their kind on the market, and to maintain a competitive edge we have never licensed our source code. If you are interested in a source code escrow service, please contact us.

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