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Case Study - LogicBox Limited
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LogicBox Ltd

Products used:

  • SandBar
  • SandDock
  • Eyefinder



LogicBox Ltd was set up to develop and market software for the direct marketing industry. Typically the direct marketer will want to produce counts and analyses on their database which often requires putting in a request to the IT team then waiting for the results to come back. LogicBox Ltd has developed ListKnife so that less IT literate staff can run the counts and analyses themselves, very quickly. Even on large databases with millions of rows, running a count often takes less than a second.

The data is taken from the production database and stored using our proprietary database software, which works in such a way that no actual row data is stored in the database - so putting the system on a laptop wouldn't mean a security lapse if the laptop was lost or stolen. With minimal training a non IT person can be up and running with ListKnife and offering database counts and analyses to their clients, often while the client is still on the phone.

When LogicBox came to write the GUI for ListKnife we started to look around for appropriate third party controls to use. We were alerted to the controls provided by Divelements via a link on the Microsoft website. After downloading the samples and trying them out we quickly became aware that the Divelements controls were just what we looking for.

SandBar gave us the menus and toolbar functionality we required and its look and usability allowed ListKnife to present a cutting edge Windows look and feel. Eyefinder proved invaluable to us as we needed a way to host several controls while taking up minimal screen space. SandDock provided the docking and pinning facilities which have been such a big hit with our customers - ListKnife has to present a lot of visual information and the ability to hide or redock some elements of the GUI enable much more information to be visible on the screen.

From day one we have found the Divelements controls to be easy to use, reliable, offer great functionality and with helpful and timely support.

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