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Wizard Framework for WPF
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Wizard Framework Designer Support

We make maximum use of the powerful designer integration architecture within Visual Studio 2008 to bring you great productivity enhancements when designing a wizard with Wizard Framework. Although it is essentially a very simple product, the designer support builds upon its great API to make creating and managing a wizard user interface a pleasure.

WizardWindow Template

When you install Wizard Framework a template is added to Visual Studio to make creating wizard windows easy. All you have to do is right-click on your project, select Add New Item and pick Wizard Window. The designer opens and your wizard is ready to design.

Intuitive Page Management

Managing the pages and flow of your wizard as you create and maintain it could not be easier. When the wizard or one of its pages is selected, a popup beside the wizard shows all the pages and enables easy switching between them. You can also visually drag pages around inside the popup to change their default order.

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