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Wizard Framework
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Wizard Framework Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

26 January 2009
NEW: Build Machine Activation is now supported.
FIX: The Aero style Back button did not change its visual appearance when it had the keyboard focus.
FIX: The tab order of the Back button was incorrect under the Aero style.
FIX: The titlebar area could appear with visual artefacts when switching between visual styles.
17 February 2008
FIX: When initially opening a new wizard in design mode on Vista, an exception could be thrown.
FIX: The BackColor property was incorrectly persisted from design mode.
FIX: A wizard form shown modally could still be automatically dismissed upon cancel when AutoCloseModalForm was set to false.
21 April 2007
NEW: Aero wizard style from Windows Vista is available (for all supported operating systems) and is applied automatically on Windows Vista by default.
NEW: Animated transitions between pages create a more pleasing user experience.
NEW: AutoCloseModalForm property added so it is now possible to stop the wizard closing a modal form automatically on finish or cancel.
NEW: When a page becomes the primary selection in the designer, it also becomes the selected page in the wizard. This is very useful when using the VS2005 document outline tool.
NEW: MarginImageAppearance property added to control whether the image is stretched as the wizard changes size.
NEW: MarginColor property allows control over the color of the margin on cover pages.
NEW: All text is drawn with GDI when using the build for .NET 2.0.
NEW: All wizard elements scale correctly with screen DPI.
NEW: Snaplines in the Visual Studio 2005 designer help you align controls within pages to adhere to the Wizard 97 specification.
NEW: Friendlier designer support for adding new pages.
CHANGE: SelectedPage is no longer serialized in the designer - the initial page is always the first.
10 March 2005
NEW: The text and description for every wizard page can be customised via properties.
NEW: ContentPageBounds and CoverPageBounds protected properties exposed so that customisation of page layout can occur.
NEW: An optional Help button can be displayed by setting the HelpVisible property. This raises the HelpRequested event when clicked.
FIX: Removing the control from a form at design time could sometimes result in exceptions being thrown by the designer.
FIX: BeforeMoveNext event is raised from the last page before the Finish event is raised, giving opportunity for cancellation.
29 January 2005
NEW: The wizard intelligently rewires neighbouring next and previous pages upon deletion of a page at design time.
FIX: Deleting a page from the designer could leave the wizard prone to an exception being thrown on navigation.
January 2005
First release.

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