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Wizard Framework
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Wizard Framework Designer Support

As with all Divelements products, the Wizard Framework has the kind of design-time experience that makes it a pleasure for any developer to use. From the moment it is dropped on your form you have a fully-functional wizard, and a few clicks later and it has all the pages you need.

Should you need to modify your wizard from a linear model to a more complex process with decisions, this is made easy by simply setting the NextPage and PreviousPage properties of any page. This can be done is any of the many events exposed by pages to facilitate just this kind of behaviour. Suppose you had a number of information gathering screens, but the user should only see one depending on an initial choice they make in a previous page - this scenario is simple to achieve.

All wizard pages are fully designable - even the cover pages (introduction and summary). Pages have a "client area" on which any child controls can be placed. The standard headings and descriptive text are fully configurable, and where applicable pages show guidelines at design-time to facilitate placing of child controls according to Wizard-97 specifications.

Although normally the wizard will be docked to fill the entire form, it can be resized and parented to any other control. Both the margin and banner images are easily selectable via the property grid.

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