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Windows Forms Controls

This is where it all began for Divelements. We were one of the first sources for windows forms controls. Our founder and lead software developer Tim Dawson ran a hobbyist site, providing free controls for anyone to use. He has a good relationship with the developers at Microsoft responsible for windows forms, and it quickly became apparent that these controls were better than the few commercial controls available at the time. Soon steps were taken to incorporate into the company you see today, Divelements.

One of the things people have always liked about our controls is how lightweight they are. Whereas a lot of vendors will ask you to ship a large binary containing a number of controls you don't use, or utility assemblies that make their lives easier when it comes to shipping multiple products, we prefer to ship one assembly containing one product. That's the product you buy, and that's the best product of its kind on the market (we think). When you buy SandRibbon you get the best Ribbon user interface product on the market, with a small redistributable to ship, and nothing else.

Designer support is a critical component of a great reusable control, and we pioneered several advances in designer concepts with our first product offerings. The windows forms designer was young and under-utilised when we started building on it, and the few other companies in the market had hardly embraced it at all. At this stage we had the idea of making windowless controls in our own libraries selectable on the design surface. This was huge, and was quickly picked up by our competitors and even Microsoft when .net 2.0 came along. Features like this that actually make it fun to create user interfaces are still our specialty, and it continues to bring a smile to all our faces when a customer lets us know they stayed up all night because they were having such a good time building software with our product.

Windows forms as a framework is no longer being updated by Microsoft, but they don't need to. As a framework it is complete, and pretty much unrestricted in terms of what third-party developers can build on top of it. Our rich library of windows forms controls is being just as actively maintained as it always was, and they are all still best-sellers.

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