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SandRibbon for WPF
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SandRibbon Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

21 June 2010
IMPROVED: Documentation revised and updated to cover many new features.
FIX: Standard shortcuts could fail to be displayed in the quick access toolbar menu.
FIX: The Exit button in the application menu could fail to close the window.
15 June 2010
NEW: Office 2010 style introduced and made default.
NEW: Ribbon styles are now automatically provided for Slider, TextBox and CheckBox native WPF controls.
21 April 2010
NEW: AutoCheckMode property added to buttons and menu items for automatic checking or toggling of their state.
NEW: SelectedTabChanged event added to ribbon.
NEW: Designer support for Visual Studio 2010 added.
REMOVED: Designer support for Visual Studio 2008 removed.
FIX: Changing the location of a RibbonWindow programmatically could result in the window being off by the extent of the titlebar.
FIX: Glowing effect restored in window titlebar text under WPF 4.0.
24 July 2009
FIX: A regression in the previous release meant that under certain circumstances menu items would be unclickable.
14 July 2009
NEW: A command can be assigned to the dialog launcher of a ribbon group via its DialogLauncherCommand property.
NEW: It is now possible to show a "More Commands..." item in the customize menu for the quick access toolbar (action dependent on host application).
NEW: Buttons not on popups now support live preview.
FIX: The full path to a document is now displayed in a tooltip in the recently-used documents list.
FIX: The bottom half of the application button would be displayed misaligned to the top half when the popup was horizontally shifted due to monitor displacement.
FIX: Focus within an editable combobox is now cancelled upon clicking another ribbon control, and the user cannot tab out of it either.
FIX: An exception could be thrown in a button or label control when certain combinations of text were subsequently set.
FIX: Under certain circumstances a popup attached to a shortcut could become upopenable.
FIX: Double-clicking on certain parts of the application popup could close the window.
FIX: It was not possible to remove a disabled shortcut from the quick access toolbar because no context menu would be shown for it.
FIX: On Windows 7, placing the mouse in the top-left corner of the screen wouldn't always hit the application button on a maximized window.
5 May 2009
FIX: When toggling between minimized states the first tab would be selected rather than the previously-selected one.
FIX: A shortcut to a button or menu item in the QAT would incorrectly register an access key for its text.
FIX: The height of the application popup is now governed exclusively by the menu items and not by the content of the right-hand pane.
FIX: Menu items with access keys would not always have their access keys available as keytips.
FIX: Setting the Ribbon property of a RibbonWindow to null then back to a valid ribbon would trigger an exception.
5 March 2009
NEW: The ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility attached property now works on ComboBoxes to control scrollbar visibility.
FIX: SandRibbon could throw an exception when toggling between Aero Glass and Aero Basic at runtime.
FIX: The caption buttons on a maximized glass window could become inoperable.
FIX: A ribbon tab could be shown with all groups in their large state (i.e. no dynamic resizing applied) when deploying in an XBAP.
17 February 2009
NEW: SuperToolTip exposes a static LastShowingOverControl property to make implementing context-sensitive help easier.
IMPROVED: Cosmetic and layout improvements across the whole product.
IMPROVED: Dynamic resizing is now faster.
FIX: The ResizeMode property of a window being set to NoResize or CanMinimize is now respected by the ribbon system buttons.
FIX: The StripPanel.Stretch property was not being correctly applied on StatusBar items.
FIX: When switching to another tab with quick access keys, the quick access keys of child controls would not always be displayed.
FIX: In the Windows Classic theme, a maximized window could display slivers of its borders on secondary monitors.
FIX: Submenus of menus displayed within the application popup were erroneously displayed within the application popup bounds.
FIX: The editable ComboBox did not always update the selected item appropriately when text was input.
FIX: When creating a shortcut to a menu item within the application menu which also had a popup, dropping the popup part down from the QAT would not always work.
9 September 2008
NEW: Static CollapseAll method added to RibbonPopup.
FIX: Using locbaml on an application using SandRibbon could fail.
FIX: Adding a tab while the ribbon was minimized would unminimize the ribbon.
FIX: With many recent documents displayed, clipping could occur at the bottom of the list.
FIX: Contextual tab colors revised to make them more visible and bring them in line with Office.
FIX: Right-clicking the ribbon titlebar in an XBAP would throw a security exception.
9 April 2008
NEW: Gallery buttons expose standard label alignment and image size properties for normal image and text assignment.
NEW: Menu item descriptions wrap automatically.
FIX: Dragging an area of the titlebar of a ribbon window on Vista without a Ribbon embedded could fail to move the window.
FIX: Clicking the titlebar of the ribbon when hosting in an XBAP could result in an exception.
FIX: A StackOverflowException could be thrown when clicking a disabled scrollbar in a popup.
FIX: When setting an editing context to disabled and one of its tabs was selected, the tab could remain showing.
FIX: The Background property on ColorPicker is now respected.
FIX: Long help text in a super tooltip is now wrapped.
FIX: Ribbon minimized state is now included in state serialization.
7 February 2008
NEW: Full designer support added. Using SandRibbon in the Visual Studio 2008 designer is now a piece of cake.
NEW: Partial trust support added so the library can now be used in XBAPs.
NEW: User customization of the ribbon is now supported with easy state serialization, including quick access toolbar shortcuts and resizable gallery sizes.
NEW: Grouping of items within galleries is now supported with the GroupItems and GroupName properties.
NEW: Super tooltip editing is made easy with a WYSIWYG editor embedded into the propertygrid.
NEW: Commanding integration enhanced; command handlers can now report back to SandRibbon when an item should be checked.
NEW: AlternateImage property makes it easy to associate two different sizes of image with a control; the most appropriate size is always chosen.
NEW: All language strings used in the product are available for customization and localization.
FIX: A RibbonGallery with an empty popup would not display the popup.
CHANGE: The default VerticalContentAlignment for a RibbonGroup is now Stretch, in keeping with Microsoft Office.
CHANGE: The Button class now inserts newlines automatically in its Large form, so there is no longer any need to hardcode newlines in button text.
IMPROVED: Dynamic resizing now performs faster, in some cases dramatically so.
IMPROVED: Visuals improved throughout the product.
9 January 2008
NEW: Build machine activation is supported.
NEW: Preliminary designer support added.
8 November 2007
NEW: ShowOptionsButton and ShowExitButton properties added to ApplicationPopup.
FIX: The Visibility property of a RibbonTab is now correctly reflected in the ribbon tabstrip.
FIX: The ColorPicker control could sometimes fail to show any colors.
FIX: Keyboard access key tips shown on buttons could appear incorrectly horizontally aligned.
FIX: The BeforePopup event for a RibbonPopup would not fire if there were not any items in the popup.
FIX: Scroll buttons appear in a popup when there are too many items to be displayed onscreen.
FIX: The VerticalContentAlignment property is now respected in a ribbon group.
FIX: A group with ShowDialogLauncher set false would still show the dialog launcher when popped up from a collapsed state.
FIX: The ShowHelp property on Ribbon was not respected by the control template.
FIX: Minimizing and then restoring a ribbon application could hide the ribbon in some circumstances.
12 July 2007
First release.

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