SandRibbon for WPF User Guide

This documentation is intended to be an introduction and user guide to the SandRibbon library. It will get you accustomed to working with the control and its architecture. For detailed documentation on specific topics and members, please refer to the class library reference that was installed with the SandRibbon package.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. Creating a RibbonWindow with the Designer
    2. Using SandRibbon with XAML
    3. Creating a RibbonWindow with XAML
    4. Ribbon Elements Introduction
  2. Ribbon Controls
    1. Control Layout
    2. Buttons
    3. Popups
    4. Menus, Menu Items and ContextPopups
    5. Galleries
    6. Ribbon Galleries
    7. Combo Boxes
    8. Color Pickers
  3. Extending the Ribbon
    1. The Application Popup
    2. Keyboard Access
    3. Creating Contextual Tabs
    4. Quick Access Toolbar
    5. Choosing the Theme and Color Schemes
    6. Super Tooltips
  4. Dynamic Resizing
    1. Principles
    2. Layout Containers
    3. Participating Controls
    4. Putting it Together
  5. Live Preview
    1. Preview Events
    2. The ILivePreview Interface
    3. Example Implementation (Formatting)
  6. Advanced Topics
    1. User Customization
    2. Advanced ICommand Integration
    3. Localization