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SandRibbon for Silverlight
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SandRibbon Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

1 March 2011
NEW: Office 2010 theme introduced and made default.
NEW: Ribbon popups can now be used as context menus on any control.
NEW: Separators are now styled correctly within statusbars.
NEW: SortKey property introduced on EditingContext to specify the relative order of editing contexts when multiple are displayed.
NEW: Clicking on the titlebar will initiate a window drag when the ribbon is hosted in an out-of-browser application with elevated permissions.
NEW: When an editing context title is longer than the tabs it contains, the display is lengthened to accommodate it where possible.
FIX: Drawing could be incorrect when multiple editing contexts were active at the same time, each with multiple tabs.
2 April 2010
NEW: Full designer integration with Visual Studio 2010 RC1.
NEW: Gallery and RibbonGallery now support generation of their children via binding, and the ItemTemplate property.
CHANGE: Minimum Silverlight platform is now 3.0.
FIX: Any control added to a toolbar would have its TabStop property set to false; this should have only happened for buttons.
25 July 2009
NEW: ToolBarTray and MenuBar classes provide traditional moveable toolbars and menubars for non-ribbon applications.
NEW: ICommand integration is supported for buttons and menu items.
NEW: CollapseAll static method added to RibbonPopup.
NEW: SelectedTabChanged event added to the ribbon.
FIX: Popups could appear below the ChildWindow in Silverlight 3.
FIX: The buttons on in-ribbon galleries and the quick access toolbar could be incorrectly positioned in Silverlight 3.
FIX: When toggling between minimized states the first tab would be selected rather than the previously-selected one.
FIX: When disabling a button the mouse was hovering over, the hover effect could persist when re-enabled.
FIX: An editing context displayed on the titlebar could overlap the quick access toolbar.
FIX: Adding the ApplicationPopup to a ribbon at runtime could throw an exception.
FIX: The Activate event on a GalleryButton could be fired twice when clicked.
3 March 2009
NEW: Office 2007 style ScreenTips supporting text, description and image can be assigned to any control.
NEW: Live Preview APIs are implemented, making it easy to show previews of commands.
FIX: Items added to toolbars dynamically at runtime would not immediately become visible.
FIX: The dialog launcher inside a collapsed ribbon group would not be shown when the group was popped up.
FIX: Adding a tab dynamically at runtime (prohibited by the Office UI Guidelines) would result in an exception.
FIX: Calling ActivateProduct with certain license keys could fail to hide the watermark.
FIX: The application button and window title now change with the application of the alternative color schemes.
2 February 2009
First release.

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