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SandRibbon for Windows Forms
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SandRibbon Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

5 August 2009
NEW: FurtherOptionsTooltip allows you to associate a tooltip with the dialog launcher button of a ribbon chunk.
FIX: The ribbon could be shown on startup even on forms with a width of 300 pixels or smaller.
FIX: When reloading a designer containing a ribbon a "parameter is not valid" exception could result in the ribbon no longer painting.
FIX: On the Japanese version of Windows XP the button text could fail to show up.
4 May 2009
NEW: The recent documents list is now optionally scrollable.
NEW: The action taken by the ribbon when an editing context is activated is now controllable.
FIX: Pressing the dialog launcher on a collapsed ribbon chunk would not always trigger the ShowFurtherOptions event.
FIX: Improvements made to the algorithm determining where the titlebar text is drawn.
FIX: The black resizing artefacts sometimes seen as a result of DWM composition are now a color that fits in with the ribbon renderer.
FIX: Textboxes hosted on the ribbon could have their text reset when toggling between ribbon minimization states.
7 September 2008
NEW: TextBox property exposed on ComboBox along with TextBoxKeyDown, TextBoxKeyUp and TextBoxKeyPress events.
NEW: ApplicationButtonQuickAccessKey property added to ribbon.
NEW: Step, PerformStep and Increment members added to the ribbon ProgressBar.
FIX: When a progress bar is stretched, the bar itself stretches instead of the text area.
FIX: Scroll buttons could be shown in a ribbon when chunks were invisible and in right-to-left mode.
FIX: Radio check buttons unchecked every other button in the container when they should only have unchecked those in the same group.
FIX: Shortcuts in buttons dynamically added to popups could fail to activate.
FIX: Centered layouts in RTL mode could have their children offset in the wrong direction.
FIX: Opening an MDI RibbonForm child maximized could prevent mouse selection of text in a textbox.
FIX: Attempting to unminimize a ribbon with no tabs could result in an exception.
28 May 2008
FIX: Text shown in the titlebar of a ribbon is now centered within the bounds of the form rather than the bounds of the empty space, where possible.
FIX: It was possible for the user to minimize the ribbon when double-clicking a tab even if AllowMinimize was set to false.
FIX: The caption buttons could be inaccessible when running in right-to-left locales on Windows Vista.
FIX: The HelpRequested event of a form could be raised after the ToolTipHelpRequested event was raised.
FIX: ApplicationText and WindowText properties are now marked localizable.
6 February 2008
NEW: Build machine activation is supported.
NEW: GetTabsInEditingContext method added to Ribbon class.
NEW: GalleryButton now has Background and FillMode properties to control when and how a background is drawn.
NEW: Text property on RibbonForm replaced with WindowText, Text is automatically set by SandRibbon resulting in the correct concatenation in the taskbar.
FIX: A NullReferenceException could be thrown when right-clicking certain portions of a ribbon containing specific items.
FIX: MainMenuItems with very long text would result in text overlapping neighbouring items. Width is now calculated in order to best display two lines of text.
FIX: An MDI child with ControlBox set to false would still have its minimize, maximize and close buttons displayed when maximized in an MDI parent.
FIX: The QuickAccessKey, ApplicationToolTip, HelpText properties were not marked as localizable.
9 October 2007
FIX: Glowing text drawn in Windows Vista could partially obscure the background behind it.
FIX: The system icon was not clickable when running with Aero Glass.
FIX: Right-clicking on the window caption would not show the system menu.
FIX: Tooltips were not being displayed below the ribbon as they should have been.
FIX: When opening MDI children from inside a dialog, their chrome was not always drawn correctly upon the container being re-focused.
FIX: Holding down Alt and pressing a mnemonic character would not activate the quick access key system.
1 July 2007
NEW: BeforeDropDown event added to the ComboBox class.
NEW: The quick access toolbar background is drawn translucent on Windows Vista.
FIX: Re-selecting an item in the ComboBox control would not reset the text of the combo box.
FIX: Titlebar text drawn in certain right-to-left locales could be formatted incorrectly.
FIX: The size of the "Press F1" directive in a tooltip is taken into account when measuring the tooltip.
FIX: Keyboard shortcuts on items within popups would not always automatically be registered.
FIX: Keyboard access keytips shown over the glass area in Vista could be drawn incorrectly.
8 May 2007
NEW: Standalone toolbars now support vertical item layout.
NEW: The ShowIcon property on RibbonForm is supported.
FIX: A drop shadow artifact could be left behind after showing a minimized ribbon tab with the quick access toolbar below the ribbon.
FIX: Which mouse clicks are passed through when dismissing a menu is now consistent with Office behaviour.
FIX: Desktop Composition support could be enabled at design time.
FIX: Minimizing a maximized ribbon form being used as an MDI child could result in an exception.
FIX: Right-click-dragging from a ribbon control into an area off the RibbonTab control would throw an exception.
FIX: The titlebar on a RibbonForm showing with no ribbon under Vista was thinner than it should have been.
FIX: Tooltips displays on items in a scrollable gallery, scrolled down, would appear in the incorrect screen position.
FIX: Tooltips are now marked as localizable.
FIX: Double right-clicking the application button could cause an exception to be thrown.
CHANGE: We removed code to stop multiple shortcuts to the same item being added to the quick access toolbar.
8 February 2007
NEW: Ribbon controls can be added and removed from the quick access toolbar through the ribbon context menu (buttons, galleries and menu items).
NEW: Standalone ToolBar control has been added.
NEW: CheckBox ribbon control has been added.
NEW: Descriptions can be added to MainMenuItems to make them multi-line commands.
NEW: Galleries can automatically show their items in a popup, so there is no longer a need to create a separate popup. They can also merge their items into an existing popup.
NEW: Textual group names introduced for easy separation of dynamically visible items. This makes laying out menus, galleries, button groups and toolbars much easier. BeginGroup is now deprecated.
NEW: GetState and SetState methods added to RibbonManager to handle storage of ribbon customization and other settings.
NEW: ShowGripper property on StatusBar controls whether a size gripper is shown in the status bar for a form.
NEW: Resizable gallery sizes are persisted along with other ribbon settings.
NEW: The system icon and menu are available on a RibbonForm without a ribbon, and the titlebar shrinks accordingly.
FIX: When using a RibbonForm as an MDI child some border could be seen at the top and bottom.
FIX: Hiding all items in the quick access toolbar could result in the items not being available for showing again.
FIX: A maximized RibbonForm under Vista could cause an auto-hidden taskbar to become inaccessible.
FIX: ClientPanel no longer attempts to draw a shadow behind child controls with transparent backgrounds.
FIX: System buttons on a maximized MDI child window were not available under Windows Vista.
FIX: Text on the quick access toolbar was drawn with glass on Windows Vista.
CHANGE: Items deriving from ParentItemBase are no longer allowed on the quick access toolbar.

If you are upgrading to this release, you must read the release notes.
2 January 2007
NEW: Full MDI support.
NEW: High contrast mode is now supported and is fully automatic.
NEW: Popups can now be resized both horizontally and vertically.
NEW: Right-to-left support on the ribbon as a whole, including the application button and all top-level widgets.
NEW: Active accessibility fully supported, for applications like screen readers and to facilitate automated UI testing.
NEW: Ribbon tabs shrink and show dividers when space becomes tight.
NEW: Smooth scrolling added for menus and even the ribbon itself when space becomes tight.
NEW: LayoutOrder property on StripLayout enables control of item order beyond simple right-to-left layout.
NEW: The number of graduations shown in a ColorPicker control is exposed via a property.
NEW: ExitButtonVisible and OptionsButtonVisible properties added to ApplicationMenu.
NEW: Minimized property on the ribbon makes it more intuitive to programmatically minimize it.
NEW: AutoContextMenu property (default true) determines whether a context menu is automatically available on the ribbon for minimizing and changing the location of the quick access toolbar.
NEW: Customize widget and chevron menu for the quick access toolbar are now displayed automatically.
NEW: Key tip locations revised to be in line with those in the final Office 2007 build.
NEW: The animation times for button highlight fades and scrolling are exposed with static properties on the SandRibbonOptions class.
NEW: Separator item added.
FIX: Tab corners are now rounded at the bottom.
FIX: The background of the ClientPanel now includes the arcs at the top-left.
CHANGE: ApplicationImage property moved from RibbonForm to Ribbon (designer code updated automatically).
21 November 2006
NEW: Introduction of the ProgressBar control.
NEW: RecentDocumentsHeading property exposed on ApplicationMenu.
NEW: StripLayout added as a potential child control of Popups.
FIX: The elements drawn on glass in Windows Vista would flicker as a form was resized.
FIX: Maximizing a ribbon form with the taskbar in "auto-hide" mode would hide the task bar.
FIX: All textual content drawn on glass in Windows Vista is automatically drawn with the correct glow behind it, including quick access toolbar buttons.
FIX: The "place in strip" designer verb was available for status bar strips, when it should not have been.
FIX: Attempting to set the SelectedItem property of a ComboBox could result in a NullReferenceException.
FIX: Animations were jerky under the DWM in Windows Vista.
FIX: Deferred control handle creation could result in ribbon tabs changing their order upon first click.
FIX: The ControlBox property now correctly hides all system buttons on a ribbon form.
FIX: A menu being hidden with the Slide animation would appear to slide down rather than up.
FIX: SuperTooltips did not always display right-to-left when they should have.
20 October 2006
NEW: ApplicationToolTip property added to fully customize the tooltip shown on the application button.
NEW: Vista Glass support added.
NEW: The display area in an application menu, which normally contains the recent documents list, can be hidden.
NEW: Items have a stretch property, which causes them to take up all available space in a strip layout or an entire line in a gallery.
NEW: ShowStandalone and ShowParented methods added to Popup.
NEW: Designer verbs added for moving ribbon chunks left and right in .NET 1.x (.NET 2.0 already allows this with drag and drop)
NEW: Contextual tabs remember whether they should be selected or not when their editing context becomes active.
NEW: Popups shown from galleries appear directly over the gallery, giving the illusion the gallery has been "dropped down" as in Office.
NEW: Ribbon tabs can be re-ordered with the normal bring-to-front and send-to-back commands in the context menu.
NEW: MdiClientBorder property added to RibbonForm to disable the border of the MDI client area.
FIX: Some areas of the ribbon did not adapt well to high DPI settings (large fonts).
FIX: Super Tooltips did not always display correctly in the .NET 1.x build of the product.
FIX: On an MDI container form the MDI client area could paint incorrectly, resulting in corruption of the titlebar area.
FIX: The form title now displays to the right of contextual tab hints if there is more space on that side.
FIX: The constructor on RibbonTab that accepts a string did not function correctly.
FIX: Changing the color scheme in use to Vista in the designer did not persist correctly.
FIX: The GetItemAt method could return items whose bounds contained the specified position but were not visible.
FIX: Any shortcuts set before the OwnerForm property was assigned could result in the shortcuts not being picked up.
18 September 2006
NEW: Silver color scheme made available.
NEW: System color scheme made available (unique to SandRibbon!)
NEW: Minimizing the ribbon allows the ribbon to appear floating when a tab is clicked.
NEW: Double-clicking on the application button is the same as clicking the exit option in the application menu.
FIX: Combo boxes can now be accessed via keyboard navigation.
FIX: When shrunk so that the ribbon is invisible, extra corner artifacts were drawn on a RibbonForm.
FIX: Reducing a scrollable container with a great deal of items down to a small size could result in a drawing error.
FIX: A bug in the statusbar control could make it throw an exception when not on a RibbonForm.
FIX: Repeatedly maximizing/minimizing and then restoring a RibbonForm could result in size changes.
2 September 2006
First release.

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