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SandRibbon for Windows Forms
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SandRibbon Screenshots

SandRibbon is capable of many different looks, and its many components can come together in all kinds of different ways. This page will be updated from time to time and is designed to show the versatility of the control through some common applications of its features.

Figure 1 - Demonstration Application (Luna Theme). The controls coming together in a default user interface modelled on Microsoft Word 2007 as a proof of concept.

Figure 2 - Demonstration Application (Vista Theme). The same demonstration application, switched to the black theme. Custom color schemes are easy to create.

Figure 3 - Demonstration Application (Silver Theme). The third of the three Office themes.

Figure 4 - Demonstration Application (System Theme). Unlike Office, SandRibbon includes the ability to base its colors on the system settings.

Figure 5 - Demonstration Application (Lune Theme, running in Vista). SandRibbon automatically takes advantage of Aero Glass effects when enabled.

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