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SandDock Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

16 April 2010
NEW: The size of a SplitContainerSplitter can now be changed.
NEW: Designer support for Visual Studio 2010 added.
REMOVED: Designer support for Visual Studio 2008 removed.
FIX: An exception could be thrown if the size available to a DockSite was less than its internal Padding.
FIX: A window could remain in memory when closed, even when its CloseMethod was set to Detach.
FIX: When re-docking a window by double-clicking in its titlebar, its contents could fail to become focused afterwards.
FIX: When serializing and immediately deserializing a layout with many unpinned windows, some windows could become inaccessible once subsequently pinned.
17 July 2009
IMPROVED: UI Automation has been reworked comprehensively.
FIX: The popup size of a window is now persisted correctly in layout serialization.
FIX: The ShowOptionsButton property did not work correctly in the Orcas theme.
FIX: Pressing Alt could focus the DocumentContainer overflow button when no menu was present in the window.
FIX: Clicking the tab of an unpinned window with AllowPopupUnpinnedWindows set to false would not always select the window.
FIX: Double-clicking on any part of a floating window's nonclient area would dock it; now only the titlebar has this effect.
FIX: Windows with underscores in their titles would have the underscores hidden in the document access menu.
2 March 2009
NEW: Root split containers can now be resized in the designer.
IMPROVED: Vista window styles completely overhauled.
IMPROVED: Window memory.
FIX: It was possible to merge windows interactively using their titlebars, when the AllowMerge property was set to false.
FIX: Docking position indicators shown at design time could be shown in the wrong location.
FIX: Opening new tabbed documents at the end of the document container could fail to scroll their tabs into view.
FIX: Setting MdiPanel.RestoredSize and MdiPanel.NormalPosition at design time on a window to be displayed in an MdiContainer was ignored.
18 December 2008
NEW: Actual windows are shown during interactive docking, instead of the blue rectangles.
FIX: An image assigned to the Image property of a DocumentWindow by a style would not show up in its tab.
FIX: Menu text in the Active Windows popup was unreadable on the Windows Classic theme.
FIX: When using a ScrollViewer with specific content in the client area of a DockSite, an infinite render loop could be triggered.
FIX: It was possible to close a window by middle-clicking its tab even when its AllowClose property was set to false.
FIX: An exception could be thrown when assigning a window to the SelectedWindow property of a WindowGroup.
FIX: InvariantCulture was not used exclusively in the layout serialization code.
IMPROVED: High contrast support.
CHANGE: The DockSituationChanged event is no longer fired during layout serialization; instead it fires straight afterwards. No code changes should be required.
12 August 2008
NEW: FromWindow method added to DocumentWindow.
NEW: TabToolTip property added to all windows.
NEW: WindowOpenPosition property added to DocumentContainer; use it to specify whether new windows are opened at the first or last position in a group.
FIX: When initially floating a dockable window with a DockSite at the top of the screen, the floating window could have its titlebar placed offscreen.
FIX: For window that can neither be docked nor tabbed, the middle docking hint is no longer shown during an interactive docking operation.
FIX: The dropdown editor for the DockingRules property was not appearing for all customers.
16 June 2008
NEW: Visual Studio 2008 theme added (is now the default).
NEW: OpenWindowsOnDrag property added to DockSite, to enable automatic opening of windows when dragging over their tabs.
NEW: Clicking on an item during window switching activates that window (including 3D mode).
FIX: The 3D window switcher camera is better placed when the viewport has an unusual aspect ratio.
7 May 2008
FIX: Changing the value of a combo box hosted in an MDI window with the mouse could fail to update the selected item.
FIX: In rare cases an exception could be thrown when opening a SandDock window.
CHANGE: SandDock windows are no longer focus scopes by default.
31 March 2008
NEW: ShowOptionsButton property added to windows.
NEW: Tooltips are now displayed for all caption buttons.
NEW: A default context menu is now shown for windows when one is not supplied by the host application.
NEW: Clicking the middle mouse button on a tab closes the window.
FIX: Both English pieces of text used in the product are now localizable.
FIX: Animations for popup unpinned windows would not take effect for Top and Bottom-docked windows when set to Slide animation.
FIX: A conversion exception could be thrown when deserializing a layout which had specific operations performed on it.
FIX: When dragging a group of floating windows, the selected window could be changed when the drag operation completed.
8 March 2008
NEW: OpenWith and OpenBeside methods added to DockableWindow.
NEW: WindowRegistered and WindowUnregistered events added to DockSite.
NEW: AllowPopupUnpinnedWindows property added to DockSite to help compatibility when hosting Win32 content in applications.
FIX: When restoring layouts, any missing windows are detected and window layout compensates accordingly.
FIX: Floating window positioning could fail to be accurate in high DPI modes.
FIX: Bindings between MdiWindowContainers and the windows they contain are now two way.
FIX: Programmatically creating and floating a window that was not part of an existing layout could result in an exception.
25 January 2008
NEW: Partial trust support added so the library can now be used in XBAPs - even floating windows are supported.
NEW: Expression Blend sample skin included in demo application.
NEW: Floating windows displayed within the main application window automatically begin to fade out when not used.
NEW: Window memory for dockable windows improved.
NEW: Images are now supported in the tabs of document windows.
NEW: Static FromWindow method on DockableWindow allows creation of a SandDock window from a normal WPF window.
NEW: It is now possible to style the docking hints shown during an interactive docking operation.
NEW: Build machine activation is supported.
FIX: Bindings to elements based on ElementName, set up within a DockableWindow, would fail.
12 December 2007
NEW: Full design time support enabled in the Visual Studio 2008 WPF designer.
NEW: UseDockableWindowTemplate method added to DocumentContainer for users who wish all documents to appear as dockable windows.
NEW: Embedding a DockSite within a window within a DockSite is now supported.
NEW: The MdiPanel.ResizeMode attached property can be applied to windows to control how they can be resized while appearing as MDI children.
NEW: AllowCollapse property on windows allows you to specify that a window cannot be unpinned by the user.
NEW: AllowMerge property on DockingRules allows you to specify that a window cannot be merged with any others in a group.
FIX: An ArgumentNullException could be thrown when using the product under VS2008.
FIX: The FloatingLocation and FloatingSize properties of a window are now correctly persisted in the serialized layout information.
FIX: Using ApplyTabbedLayout in a blank layout would create an empty, unclosable WindowGroup.
24 September 2007
NEW: Office 2007 look and feel, complete with three colour schemes, is supported.
NEW: Animation effects when docking and undocking windows with the mouse.
NEW: AllowClose property on DockableWindow.
FIX: Clicking on the caption of a floating window would not activate it.
FIX: A floating window group is no longer closable if it contains a window whose AllowClose property is set to false.
14 August 2007
NEW: Additional Dock method overload allows specifying of the side on which to dock the window.
NEW: A warning is shown in debug output when layout serialization is performed on a window without an explicitly set Guid property.
NEW: A CloseMethod property on windows allows specifying whether a window is hidden or detached when closed.
NEW: TabForeground property added to DockableWindow.
FIX: An exception could be thrown in a layout containing windows with no titles.
FIX: An AdornerDecorator is now present in the default template for an MDI window.
FIX: An exception would be thrown when attempting to use a SandDock splitter when you had re-templated the default Window without an AdornerDecorator.
FIX: Certain layouts could result in the titlebar text and buttons being unavailable for a window.
FIX: Dragging floating windows on a high DPI screen could result in the window not aligning precisely with the mouse cursor.
FIX: SplitContainer measurement could result in an invalid, infinite size.
FIX: Documents would fire their Closed events when an MDI or Tabbed layout was being applied dynamically to a container.
FIX: A StackOverflowException could be thrown when performing certain actions running under .NET 3.5 Beta 2.
FIX: Sometimes after floating a window you would be unable to focus the window owner.
IMPROVED: Docking hints are now implemented as popups instead of adorners, so they are always on top of hosted windows forms controls and floating windows.
IMPROVED: The demonstration application has been updated to include an example of defining a window as a standalone file and instantiating it within your main layout.
16 May 2007
NEW: The transition into and out of Tab-3D is now animated - windows go smoothly between their screen and 3D positions like in Vista.
NEW: The animations in Tab-3D can be disabled and their lengths controlled.
NEW: SetWindowState and GetWindowState methods added to MdiContainer to simplify programmatic management of MDI window states.
FIX: Double-clicking on an MDI window titlebar could result in an exception.
FIX: Sending a window back to a document situation when all other fixed documents had been removed could result in an exception.
FIX: When closing a floating group of windows a NullReferenceException could be thrown.
13 April 2007
First release.

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