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SandDock for Silverlight
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SandDock Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

1 April 2010
NEW: Full designer integration with Visual Studio 2010 RC1.
NEW: Perspective transform introduced for popup window animation; is now the default.
NEW: LayoutSerialization.GuidString attached property added to work around Silverlight being unable to specify Guid literals in XAML.
CHANGE: Minimum Silverlight platform is now 3.0.
4 February 2010
NEW: TabToolTip property allows the setting of a tooltip for a window tab.
NEW: TriggerCollapse method on WindowGroup allows programmatic collapsing of popup unpinned window groups.
FIX: Deserializing a layout containing windows that no longer exist could still create empty containers at the side of the layout.
FIX: A memory leak meant that the last active window would fail to be collected even when it was closed.
FIX: Setting the Title property of a window in the constructor of a page could result in the title failing to show up.
3 August 2009
NEW: UI Automation is supported.
NEW: LoadWindow event is supported on DockSite, allowing dynamic creation of windows serialized in window layouts.
FIX: The popup size of a window is now persisted correctly in layout serialization.
FIX: When windows were dragged right to the edge of their container it could be difficult to grab them to drag them back onscreen.
FIX: When changing styles dynamically, the close button for a document group could remain hidden despite the value of the AllowClose property.
FIX: The LastActiveWindowChanged event could be raised an unnecessary number of times when switching between windows.
FIX: Calling Open on a new window could fail to set focus to the window.
FIX: All windows added to a DockSite at design time are now registered with the DockSite before the page's Loaded event is fired.
FIX: When redocking a window in a different place but on the same side of the DockSite, the DockSituationChanged event was not fired.
6 March 2009
NEW: Windows support minimization and maximization; this feature can be switched off with the ShowMinMaxButtons property.
NEW: Control whether the user can move and resize windows with the AllowMove and ResizeMode properties.
NEW: Windows will show an icon in the titlebar if the Icon property is set.
NEW: Windows animate on and offscreen (controllable with properties).
NEW: Modal windowing improved with the addition of the DialogResult property.
NEW: Automatic sizing and positioning (cascading) of standalone windows where no size and position are specified.
IMPROVED: Window memory.
IMPROVED: Handling of focus when showing and closing modal windows. ShowActivated property controls whether windows are activated when shown.
CHANGED: The way standalone window sizes are specified has changed in order to support maximization. The WindowHost.RestoredSize attached property must now be used instead of setting Width and Height directly.
FIX: Calling Window.GetWindow on a toolwindow being floated programmatically would not always yield the top-level Window class hosting it.
FIX: A flyout window shown at the sides when there were unpinned windows at the top would not always have its control buttons accessible.
FIX: The user was allowed to close a floating window containing tool windows whose AllowClose property was set to false.
FIX: Setting AllowClose to false on one window within a document container could result in all windows being unclosable.
26 January 2009
NEW: The default theme has been replaced with one resembling Office 2007.
NEW: Images are supported in window tabs.
NEW: AllowClose property has been added to tool windows and tabbed documents.
NEW: ShowWindowOptionsButton property has been added to DockSite, to control whether a window options button is shown for tool windows.
NEW: Demo application ships with Visual Studio 2008, Expression Blend, Windows Vista and Office 2007 example themes.
NEW: Layout serialization to and from isolated storage is supported.
NEW: Window now has a WindowStyle property to switch between normal and toolwindow styles.
FIX: The tolerances on corner resizing of floating windows have been corrected.
FIX: When closing a nested modal dialog, the next modal dialog is now given focus.
CHANGED: The product activation method is now Divelements.SandDock.DockSite.ActivateProduct.
12 December 2008
First release.

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