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SandDock for Windows Forms
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SandDock Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

28 November 2009
NEW: The value of the PopupSize property is used as the default docked size for a window, if set.
FIX: When changing to the last tab with integral close buttons, the close button could fail to become entirely visible.
FIX: Some tab rendering glitches have been corrected.
FIX: When restoring a layout in an MDI container form, the Activated event could be raised for all windows.
FIX: When dragging over tabs the window was only selected, not activated too.
FIX: A tab with an ampersand in its text would be measured incorrectly under certain renderers.
19 April 2009
NEW: Tab images larger than 16x16 are supported in the Whidbey and Office 2007 renderers.
NEW: DocumentOpenPosition added to SandDockManager, to govern whether new documents are opened at the beginning or at the end of the strip.
FIX: Trying to resize two split layouts that were already below minimum size could result in an exception.
FIX: An exception could occur shortly after deserializing layout, after serializing a specific set of windows.
FIX: The font used to draw both the titlebar and tab for a window is now the window's font.
FIX: It was possible to drag a floating window such that its resulting titlebar was inaccessible.
FIX: An ellipsis would be shown on a document tab when integral close was enabled but the document was not closable, and the document had the focus.
FIX: Maximums are now enforced when dragging a large docked window around in a narrow container so that windows do not become inaccessible.
8 September 2008
NEW: Windows Forms Validation events are now raised when the user attempts to change tabs.
FIX: A GDI+ exception could be thrown by the Office 2007 Renderer when the main window was made very small.
FIX: When pinning a window in an MDI scenario, the first MDI child could be activated by Windows Forms.
FIX: An IndexOutOfRangeException could be thrown when opening a window with a specific history of movements.
FIX: Saving the window layout while all windows were minimized and invisible would result in floating windows being inaccessible upon layout deserialization.
FIX: Shift and Alt keys no longer cancel an interactive docking operation.
FIX: Windows could be docked into existing floating groups even if their AllowFloat property was set to false.
4 March 2008
FIX: A feature introduced in the previous build could result in an InvalidOperationException being thrown during initialization.
24 January 2008
NEW: Build machine activation is supported.
NEW: Memory for docked window positions much improved.
FIX: Layout information would not always persist correctly for customers still using .NET 1.0/1.1.
FIX: Layout information could fail to correctly set "floating" as a hidden window's last open state.
FIX: A form parented to a dockable window would be invisible by default. SandDock now ensures that it is visible.
16 November 2007
NEW: OpenWith and OpenBeside methods make programmatic window placement much easier.
FIX: A debug message could appear when setting the Collapsed property of an individual window when that window was in an invalid state.
FIX: Some customers were experiencing an exception on 64bit windows in certain circumstances.
FIX: A fix introduced in the previous build prevented background images set on windows appearing.
17 September 2007
NEW: Office 2007 look and feel is fully supported.
NEW: Architecture improved so that window sizes are always maintained through operations like unpinning and moving.
NEW: Window memory greatly improved for moving between the different dock states.
NEW: Layout serialization can now be used without writing any code, by simply using the AutoSaveLayout property.
NEW: The Collapsed property can now be set at design time.
NEW: Design-time user interface for resizing docked windows improved.
FIX: Some flicker removed in drawing the borders of dockable windows.
Please read the release notes for important information on this build and essential notes for upgrading.
9 July 2007
FIX: Docking a floating document containing an ActiveX instance of Word 2007 under Windows Vista could throw an exception.
FIX: Clicking the left mouse button on the titlebar of a floating window would not activate that window.
FIX: When using IntegralClose with document tabs, the close button could overlay the scroll left and scroll right buttons.
FIX: An OverflowException could be thrown when minimizing a form with a SandDock layout, in very specific circumstances.
IMPROVED: Detection added for the situation where a layout is placed within a ToolStripContentPanel and could therefore receive incorrect layout information.
5 April 2007
FIX: A bug introduced in the last build could prevent some customers from being able to redock windows at design time.
FIX: Showing a window restored (but hidden) with layout deserialization could result in the window being the wrong size.
23 March 2007
CHANGE: The minimum size a DockContainer will be squashed to on a form resize is now the same as the MinimumDockContainerSize property.
FIX: Minimizing and restoring a window of a certain size with a solitary unpinned dock could cause an exception.
FIX: Metadata for the docked position of a hidden window is now stored when calling GetLayout/SetLayout.
FIX: Closing a window from an unpinned group could fail to show the next window in the group while the group was still popped up.
FIX: Opening a new tabbed document from an open, collapsed window could hide the collapsed window temporarily.
FIX: The User Dockable Window and User Tabbed Document templates were not being installed correctly.
FIX: When resizing a popped up, collapsed window, you are now constrained to resizing within the bounds of the dock system container.
28 December 2006
NEW: IntegralClose property allows the close button to be positioned within the tab itself rather than the containing strip.
NEW: Clicking on most controls within a dockable window will activate that window even if the controls do not take focus (like in VS).
NEW: PrimaryControl property added to windows for designation of the control that is focused when the window is activated.
FIX: Right-clicking on the titlebar to get the context menu for a window did not work (introduced in 2.3.4)
FIX: Hovering over an unpinned dockable window tab to access it did not reveal the tab under the Vista DWM.
FIX: Hovering over any SandDock UI could increase CPU usage under the Vista DWM.
FIX: Artifacts could be displayed in the translucent window preview under the Vista DWM.
FIX: Opening a TabPage in the designer with child controls that used anchoring could result in the child controls assuming the full size of the TabPage.
17 October 2006
NEW: DocumentOverflow property on SandDockManager indicates whether scrolling or an active files menu is used to access document tabs.
NEW: A local BindingContext can be assigned to a dockable window, and if it is, the window will no longer use the BindingContext from the manager.
NEW: Floating windows can now be redocked and otherwise manipulated in Windows Vista under the DWM.
NEW: Even further improved support for remembering the last positions of windows after deseralizing a window layout.
FIX: Switching to a document after a substantial expansion of client area size could result in visual flicker as the document was shown.
FIX: When using dockable windows in the middle of a form, redocking a floating dockable window would fail to display tabs properly.
FIX: When using localizable forms the initial size of SandDock windows could fail to be set properly.
FIX: The centre docking hint is now displayed in the centre of the client area rather than the centre of the dock system container.
FIX: When resizing a DockContainer, a small buffer is enforced below the maximum size to prevent concealing of the form client area.
FIX: While resizing or splitting a DockContainer the splitting cursor was not shown.
FIX: Shortcuts to context menu items assigned to controls within a TabControl would be incorrectly intercepted by SandDock.
CHANGE: DockControls resolved through the ResolveDockControl event now automatically have their Manager property set, resulting in fewer triggers of this event.
22 April 2006
NEW: ShowControlContextMenuEventArgs now contains a Context property that explains how the menu is being shown.
FIX: Renderer properties were expandable in the designer but they were not saved.
FIX: When a layout changed under the mouse cursor with the button depressed, a window could be torn away.
FIX: When resizing a TabControl to (0, 0) an exception could be thrown.
FIX: When redocking a floating window with multiple child windows an exception could be thrown.
FIX: Calling OpenDocked specifying a center dock on a floating window would be ignored.
FIX: When changing the system theme setting SandDock would not always correctly update itself.
FIX: Text on TabControls using the MilborneRenderer would sometimes be clipped incorrectly.
FIX: When using dockable windows in the center of a form, dragging a window in using the center docking hint could result in no tabs being displayed.
FIX: Data binding on a standalone DockControl (while designing) now works correctly.
FIX: Loading a layout which does not reference an open window with CloseAction set to Dispose will now dispose the window as well as hiding it.
12 February 2006
FIX: In the Whidbey renderer there was a small graphical omission of a separator between tabs in docked tabstrips.
FIX: In the Whidbey renderer the gap between document tabs was too small.
FIX: When changing renderer dynamically, unpinned layout system buttons would not redraw themselves properly.
FIX: When activating a floating window after restoring a layout, a window inside would not necessarily receive the focus.
FIX: Clicking the middle button on a tab would close it even if the AllowClose property was set to false for that tab.
FIX: Pressing escape while focus is in your main tabbed document would reset focus to the first control in that group, if using multiple controls.
FIX: Restoring a layout with collapsed controls could sometimes result in the controls still being visible behind the selected window.
19 December 2005
NEW: Added AllowKeyboardFocus property to DockControl to set whether or not the user will be able to tab in to windows.
FIX: In version 2.3 an InvalidOperationException could be thrown when pinning and unpinning windows in very restrained space.
FIX: Sometimes when changing tabs in TabControl, the order of the tabs could be changed as the handles were created.
FIX: A windows forms bug could result in an infinite loop in form closure after performing document splitting operations. We have worked around this bug.
04 December 2005
NEW: Demonstration application rewritten to better show off SandDock's capabilities in more of a real world setting.
NEW: GetWindowAt method added to DockContainer, to make it much simpler to quickly get the window whose tab is at a specified point.
NEW: DockedSize and LastDockedPosition properties exposed on DockControl.
NEW: When resizing a DockContainer, a minimum size is enforced taking in to account the number of split layout systems in the container.
NEW: WhidbeyRenderer updated to final VS2005 look and feel, with properties exposed for all colors used.
NEW: Split method added to DockControl, to enable easy programmatic splitting.
NEW: Open, OpenDocked and OpenFloating methods on DockControl enhanced to provide more control over window activation.
FIX: When showing a ContextToolStrip menu on a floating dockable window, it took two clicks to activate a menu item.
FIX: Clipping was not preserved when rendering text on document tabs in some situations under VS2005.
FIX: Using the standard docking manager, the catchment rectangle for docking on the inside of a container was too large.
FIX: When switching very fast between tabbed documents with the mouse, the ShowControlContextMenu event could incorrectly be fired.
FIX: The IsDocked property of a window could return true if the window was floating (incorrect behavior).
18 November 2005
NEW: Added transparent background colour support to TabControl.
NEW: DataBinding better supported by SandDock layout - the BindingContext property of windows is shared with that of the container hosting SandDock.
NEW: SandDock for .NET 2.0 now uses the new text rendering methods for faster, clearer text drawing.
FIX: When resizing an unpinned window it was possible for the buttons on its titlebar to fail to be drawn.
FIX: Improved support for high contrast rendering mode with the Visual Studio 2005 renderer.
23 October 2005
NEW: SelectedIndex property added to TabControl.
NEW: When initially adding SandDock to a form, it will pick the most likely container to act as the container for your dockable windows. Previously it would always use the root component. This is very useful in cases when you have a ToolstripContainer for example and wish SandDock to reside within its boundaries.
NEW: GenerateMember property on DockContainers set to False by default in Visual Studio 2005.
NEW: Project item templates for UserDockableWindow and UserTabbedDocument added to the Visual Studio 2005 version.
FIX: When floating and redocking tabbed documents, an invalid layout state could be achieved.
FIX: The Milborne renderer now copes fully with background colours other than Control.
FIX: Closing an open, unpinned window could sometimes result in the window being disposed rather than simply hidden.
FIX: Grab handles would not always be immediately visible upon creating a new DockContainer.
CHANGE: A fix introduced in a previous build resulted in the Load event of each window being called upon layout deserialization, instead of when first visible.
21 September 2005
NEW: Brand new renderer introduced exclusively for the TabControl. The "Milborne" renderer is now the default for this control.
NEW: Further improved docking "memory" by remembering more information about previous window locations.
NEW: SelectTabsOnDrag property added to SandDock manager to control OLE drag over behaviour.
FIX: When using DockControl directly (not recommended) the FloatingSize property could return an incorrect value.
FIX: When opening a docked control in a form with only one control docked to fill, the control could overlap the filled control.
FIX: Docking indications more accurately reflect the eventual size of the committed dock operation.
FIX: An empty dockable window with a border cause leave visible artifacts as the window was resized.
FIX: When removing TabPages from a TabControl the selected page would not always be updated to the next available page correctly.
CHANGE: The image assigned to the TabImage property is not disposed when the DockControl is disposed.
29 August 2005
NEW: TabControl rewritten with full support for focus and keyboard navigation.
NEW: TabControl supports three tab layout mode: single line scrollable, single line fixed and multiple line.
FIX: When throwing an exception in the Load event of a DockControl during a docking operation, SandDock could be left in an inconsistent state.
FIX: When SandDock was used on an MDI parent, docking operations could result in SandDock windows being placed the wrong side of other side-docked controls.
CHANGE: TabControl no longer derives from DockContainer and TabPage no longer derives from DockControl. They are both separate controls in their own right.
10 August 2005
Refresh build with updated installer - some issues fixed in 2.0.2 build did not make their way in to the installer correctly.
07 August 2005
NEW: MaximumTabWidth property added to all windows.
FIX: With the Everett renderer, the background colour of DockContainers could be drawn incorrectly (introduced in 2.0).
FIX: When docking a control to the outside of a form, the centre control (Dock = Fill) on the form would fail to resize under some circumstances.
FIX: Tabs could lose their order when re-docking a floating set of tabbed dockable windows.
FIX: Clicking collapsed window tabs rapidly when the windows was animating could result in unexpected behaviour.
19 July 2005
NEW: The middle mouse button can be used to close windows by their tabs (controllable, defaults to true).
FIX: When mixing other docked controls in with a SandDock layout, collapsed windows could be placed incorrectly in the z-order.
FIX: Added a little extra padding on document tabs using the Whidbey renderer to avoid text clipping.
FIX: When showing a context menu on a popped up, collapsed DockControl the menu could sometimes be in the wrong position.
FIX: Setting AllowDock* to false now prevents redocking of a floating window by double-clicking its titlebar.
FIX: When calling Open() on a tabbed document with a certain configuration of floating windows visible, the document could be opened in the wrong container.
FIX: A lone docked window would not always correctly remember its size when being closed then re-opened.
FIX: When calling Close() on a dockcontrol that was not open, it would not be disposed if CloseAction was set to Dispose.
10 July 2005
Please read the release notes for important information on this build and essential notes for upgrading.
24 April 2005
FIX: When pressing ctrl-tab or ctrl-shift-tab in a DocumentContainer where no documents were present an exception could be thrown.
FIX: When using the Whidbey docking manager the docking arrows would sometimes be invisible or in the wrong location when dragging a floating window.
FIX: Cursor changes to the control containing SandDock were not always propagated correctly.
29 January 2005
NEW: ControlLayoutSystem now has a ClosePopup method to close a popup when it is collapsed.
NEW: PersistState property on DockControls allows creation of temporary dockable windows or documents that are not included in layout serialization.
NEW: Floatable property on DockControls allows controls to be restricted to a docked state.
FIX: Whidbey docking manager has better support when manager is placed on a UserControl.
FIX: Layout systems popped up over a fixed DockContainer are no longer resizable.
29 August 2004
9 November 2004
NEW: Collapsed layout systems that are popped up can now be resized.
NEW: Better support for large fonts means elements scale properly with increased font size.
FIX: It was possible for an exception to be thrown if closing a form midway through popup animation.
FIX: SetLayout method made more robust; can now load XML that has been passed through an XmlDocument.
FIX: With Whidbey renderer, all collapsed tabs are fully displayed instead of just the selected one.
NEW: Added support for partially trusted callers.
FIX: Restoring a layout system with empty DockContainers could sometimes result in an incorrect size when the DockContainer was first occupied.
FIX: It is no longer possible to resize a DockContainer so that it is larger than the container in which it resides.
31 July 2004
8 August 2004
NEW: Layout systems respond to drag events by selecting the tab under the mouse cursor.
NEW: Ctrl-PageUp, Ctrl-PageDown, Alt-Minus keyboard shortcuts work within DockControls.
NEW: TabText property on DockControl allows alternate text to be displayed in a control's titlebar and tab.
NEW: ScrollingEnabled property on DocumentLayoutSystem allows the scroll buttons to be removed.
NEW: Tooltips are supported on DockControls and are also shown on buttons (text is localisable).
NEW: TabBounds property on DockControl allows inspection of the location and size of the tab.
FIX: When redocking a floating window by double-clicking its titlebar, the control is correctly focused afterwards.
FIX: Images shown in a collapsed tab with the Whidbey renderer are rotated 90 degrees.
FIX: When using the Open method to show a DockControl in a specific location, it could sometimes open in the wrong location.
FIX: Bug introduced in 1.0.3 sometimes prevented splitter positions serializing correctly.
FIX: An exception could be raised during rapid mouse movement when using Whidbey docking.
FIX: When used with ActiveX controls, the ActiveDocument property on DocumentContainer could sometimes be needlessly serialized.
FIX: Floating controls now also remember their last position in the last fixed layout system.
FIX: Sometimes a TreeView or ListView's images could fail to show up when placed within a DockControl.

FIX: An exception could be thrown when closing a form with a collapsed, popped-up layout system.
FIX: Tab icons are now only rotated on collapsed layout systems docked to the left and right sides of the form.
17 July 2004
NEW: DockControlActivated event on SandDockManager is raised when the focused DockControl changes.
NEW: Collapsed property on DockContainer allows you to see if a DockContainer is collapsed.
NEW: SetWorkingSize method on LayoutSystemBase allows precise adjusting of layout system sizes.
NEW: IsOpen property on DockControl provides the best way of checking if a DockControl is visible anywhere.
FIX: It is no longer possible to drag a window so that it ends up floating with its titlebar above the top of the screen.
FIX: Positioning of Whidbey docking diamonds could be incorrect when form's client size was negative.
FIX: It was not possible to drag a window on to a collapsed DockContainer when dragging by the titlebar.
FIX: When restoring a saved layout it was sometimes possible for a collapsed container to be left un-openable.
FIX: The ActiveTitleBarColor1 property on Office2003Renderer did not set correctly.
FIX: An exception could be thrown during "Whidbey" docking under certain circumstances.
FIX: The active titlebar colours for the non-themed Office 2003 renderer were incorrect.
FIX: Better support for floating documents and serialization of DocumentContainer layouts.
19 June 2004
NEW: Whidbey style intuitive "diamond" docking hints added.
NEW: DockContainer and SandDockManager now have a ShowControlContextMenu event, raised when a context menu for a tab should be shown.
NEW: Controls can be docked to the inner edge of DockContainers, all the way across.
NEW: BeforeFirstShown event on DockControl allows deferred loading of complex controls.
FIX: Rubber band docking hints now work correctly on Windows 98/ME.
FIX: Dock method on DockControl renamed to PerformDock to avoid serialization issues.
FIX: Prevented the right mouse button from acting the same as the left mouse button on titlebars.
FIX: Programmatically collapsing and then uncollapsing a ControlLayoutSystem could sometimes result in a NullReferenceException.
FIX: DocumentClosing event signature changed so information on the document being closed is provided.
FIX: When closing a document that contains the focus, the next document in the window list will always be focused.
23 May 2004
24 May 2004
NEW: Added a setter to the DocumentContainer.ActiveDocument property.
NEW: DockControl has a static FromForm method to easily create a DockControl based on an existing form.
NEW: Layout persistance now also supports DocumentLayoutSystems.
NEW: Font for drawing text on tabs is taken from the controls, allowing for per-tab font customisation.
FIX: Sometimes clicking on a disabled scroll button in DocumentContainer would select the document tab underneath.
FIX: Switching controls in a collapsed layout system did not always correctly animate the popup.
FIX: Scroll buttons in DocumentContainer could sometimes remain enabled even after a resize of client area.
FIX: Dragging over docked items could sometimes initiate a docking operation when it shouldn't.
FIX: A floating window that contains a DockControl with its Closable property set to false is no longer closable.
FIX: Inheriting from DockControl would result in SandDock not being able to locate certain resources.
FIX: Resizing a form while a collapsed layout system is "popped up" closes the layout system.
FIX: Changing a DockControl's Text when it was the selected control in a floating window did not update the window's text.
FIX: DockControls have much improved ability to remember their last position for double-click docking and undocking.
15 May 2004
First release.

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