SandDock User Guide

This documentation is intended to be an introduction and user guide to the SandDock library. It will get you accustomed to working with the controls and integrating powerful window management features in to your application. For detailed documentation on specific topics and members, please refer to the class library documentation that was installed with the SandDock package.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. What is SandDock?
    2. Dockable Windows
    3. Tabbed Documents
    4. The TabControl
  2. Using SandDock
    1. The SandDockManager
    2. Creating a Window Layout
    3. Designable Controls
    4. Setting Window Capabilities
  3. Programmatic Control
    1. Showing and Hiding Windows
    2. Tracking Active Windows
    3. Docking and Floating
    4. Renderers
    5. Layout Serialization
    6. Actions Menu
  4. Advanced Topics
    1. Window Duality
    2. Delay Loading Windows
    3. DockSystemContainer
    4. EnableTabbedDocuments
  5. Layout Systems