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SandBar Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

5 December 2009
NEW: ShortcutDisplayString property on MenuButtonItem allows complete customization of the display string for a menu shortcut.
FIX: When maximizing an MDI parent the menubar could fail to be stretched along the entire toolbar container width.
FIX: Language strings updated when toolbars are already created are correctly pushed out.
FIX: Repeatedly minimizing and restoring a form with floating toolbars/menubars could result in them being hidden.
FIX: ControlContainerItem now scales the MinimumControlWidth property in line with other form scaling.
FIX: Restoring layout would not correctly restore the width of floating toolbars if they had been resized.
FIX: Top-level menu mnemonics were processed before standard .net mnemonics on the active MDI child.
5 September 2007
FIX: The fix introduced in the last build to prevent artifacts on disabled icons caused some icons to disappear when disabled.
FIX: Text underneath buttons displayed in .NET 2.0 could have trailing artifacts cut off.
FIX: A vertical toolbar docked to the right with many buttons and overflow set to wrap could end up in the wrong place when the form was maximized.
FIX: When running under the DWM in Vista, an exception could be caused when opening a toolbar under very specific circumstances.
9 April 2007
NEW: ToolBarSeparatorColor property added to Office2003Renderer.
NEW: ContainerBars are now coloured in the Office 2007 style.
FIX: Minor mouse capture issue in menu engine was inconsistent with Office behaviour.
FIX: Dragging menu items to other toplevel menus under VS2005 could fail.
FIX: Icons with alpha channels could show drawing artifacts when being drawn disabled.
FIX: Setting the Office2007Renderer at design time on SandBarManager would not be persisted.
FIX: Minimizing a form with a SandBar layout could cause certain hosted controls to be resized.
FIX: When scrolling large menus with GDI rendering (.NET 2.0) menu items could fail to be clipped behind the scroll widgets.
07 December 2006
NEW: Office 2007 renderer.
NEW: MenuActivation property added to SandBarManager for those rare circumstances in which the menu activation type needs to be changed.
FIX: In rare circumstances when showing a form with floating toolbars, an exception could be thrown.
04 October 2006
NEW: RTL toolbars also have the image and the text laid out in an RTL manner.
NEW: PerformActivate method added to all items.
FIX: Better tracking of renderer usage allows intelligent disposal of unused resources.
FIX: An event subscribed to on setting the OwnerForm property of a MenuBar would not be unsubscribed from when unsetting the property.
FIX: When sliding toolbars in a dock, flickering could be experienced with the presence of invisible toolbars also in the dock.
FIX: Some resources allocated were not cleaned up as promptly as they should have been.
FIX: Setting the text of a FlatComboBox to an empty string under certain circumstances could fail to take effect.
FIX: Re-entrancy during menu display could leave a menu open if repeatedly clicking on a dropdown menu while calling Application.DoEvents.
FIX: Undoing a merge operation while a menu system was active could result in an exception.
17 April 2006
NEW: MenuPopupEventArgs now has a Cancel property.
FIX: When dragging items on a right-to-left toolbar the insertion point and markers were not calculated correctly.
FIX: When attempting to turn off the AllowRightToLeft property, the specified value was ignored.
FIX: Menu shadows now work correctly in Windows Vista.
FIX: When including items of varying heights in one toolbar the text baseline could vary. Rounding has been improved to lessen this.
FIX: Right-aligned menus that encoutered the edge of the screen and were therefore adjusted accordingly could have their border drawn incorrectly.
FIX: The Font property on individual menu items is now respected.
4 February 2006
NEW: AutoToggle property on buttons allows for automatic toggling of the button in either a single or group fashion.
NEW: On tablet PCs, menus open right-aligned if the option has been chosen.
NEW: When a toolbar button is linked to a menu item via BuddyMenu, its tooltip text is taken from there if not otherwise specified.
FIX: Menu colours could be chosen incorrectly by the renderers when user customization of the colour scheme has taken place.
FIX: SandBarManager could fail to be disposed when its parent form was disposed (addition of constructor taking an IContainer).
FIX: The delay when hovering over a menu chevron item (when showing advanced menus) has been slightly increased compared to the normal menu opening delay.
9 November 2005
NEW: Visual Studio 2005 support finalised, SandBar for .NET 2.0 now uses the new text renderers for faster, more accurate text rendering.
FIX: When a merge operation resulted in an update of a floating toolbar but not a resize, the toolbar was not always refreshed correctly.
FIX: "Add Task Pane" verb added to SandBarManager designer.
FIX: Dragging items within toolbars now works correctly in Visual Studio 2005.
FIX: Tooltips shown on toolbar items could show up in the Alt-Tab list while showing.
14 August 2005
FIX: An exception could be thrown when undocking a ContainerBar with its MaximumFloatingSize set.
FIX: Clicking a toolbar at (0, 0) when its DrawActionsButton property was set to false could result in the menu being shown.
FIX: Clicking on some elements to dismiss a menu could cause an exception to be thrown under certain circumstances.
31 July 2005
This is a revision which addresses a compatibility issue faced by some customers with the initial 1.3 build.
26 July 2005
NEW: True Office Task Pane capabilities introduced, with multiple panels selectable through a titlebar menu.
NEW: Buttons without any text or image have a dotted outline drawn in the designer.
NEW: All items support a Stretch property, the StretchItem property on Toolbar is obsoleted.
NEW: ProgressBarItem introduced, available by default on the StatusBar control.
NEW: Customization of the Actions Button menu is now possible.
FIX: ControlContainerItems would have their text drawn behind the control when the toolbar's TextAlignment property was set to Underneath.
FIX: The StatusBar could show a resize gripper even when the form's border style was not resizable.
FIX: Under some circumstances characters could be clipped on toolbar buttons when using large images.
FIX: When showing a context menu programmatically on right mouse button press when short of screen space, the menu could be immediately dismissed upon release of the button.
IMPROVED: The redistributable size has been decreased by moving design-time functionality in to its own, non-redistributable assembly.
21 June 2005
NEW: SandBar now includes a StatusBar control.
NEW: ForeColor property promoted to all toolbar items.
NEW: MinimumSize property promoted to all toolbar items.
NEW: Font property introduced to enable specifying of font on a per-item basis.
NEW: All dropdown menus now show their children when displayed from the chevron menu.
NEW: Label items can now display images alongside their text.
FIX: In very rare circumstances a cached StringFormat could be disposed by Windows causing an exception to be thrown on a draw.
29 May 2005
NEW: AllowLowImportanceMenuItems property on SandBarManager allows disabling of low importance menu items on a layout-wide basis.
NEW: Support for high contrast display schemes improved substantially.
FIX: ComboBoxItems with DefaultText could cause items to colour incorrectly under specific circumstances.
FIX: It was possible to drop down a disabled top level menu item by activating its keyboard mnemonic.
FIX: The Show() method of top level menu items will now throw an exception if the item is relegated to the chevron menu due to lack of space. Ensure the item's HiddenFromCurrentView property returns false before calling this method overload.
FIX: An exception could be thrown when dealing with floating toolbars coming from a SandBarManager on an MDI child form.
FIX: Floating toolbars could remain hidden when restoring a saved layout from a SandBarManager on an MDI child form.
FIX: Dragging a toolbar item over an empty toolbar at design time could throw an exception in the designer.
CHANGED: Importance property on items replaced with ItemImportance property to fix some designer issues. Designer code will automatically be updated to use the new property.
27 March 2005
NEW: Menus can be natively added to NotifyIcon components as well as controls, via the SandBarContextMenu property.
NEW: BeforePopup event arguments now include a Keyboard property to indicate whether a context menu needs to be manually positioned.
NEW: Toolbar items implement ICloneable.
FIX: The Shortcut2 property of menu items was not copied during a Clone operation.
6 March 2005
NEW: MenuItemBase exposes Popup property should you need to get the PopupMenu being used to show a menu.
NEW: LabelItem has a MinimumSize property so that labels whose text changes often need not upset the layout of items following them.
FIX: When changing the right padding on a DropDownMenuItem the arrow glyph was drawn in the wrong position.
FIX: Text updated frequently on a floating toolbar would not always redraw when it should.
FIX: When using a MenuBar with ShowMdiSystemMenu set to false, clicking in its theoretical position could still sometimes show it.
FIX: When dynamically replacing toolbar items under the mouse cursor, a menu exception could be generated on click.
29 January 2005
FIX: Under certain circumstances the keyboard accelerators of menuitems added dynamically at runtime could be ignored.
FIX: Assigning the same keyboard accelerator to many menuitems could generate an exception.
FIX: Standalone ContainerBars resized improperly when docked to the size of the form. Bug introduced with version 1.1.
FIX: In rare situations a context menu shown on a non-primary monitor could be displayed on the wrong screen.
9 January 2005
FIX: The MDI window list menu could be slow to close when containing a large number of window items.
FIX: An exception could be thrown when using SandBar on systems with no menu show delay.
FIX: The 1.1 release could trigger a bug in the C++ compiler causing incompatibility.
1 January 2005
NEW: Many new features in this release, please see the release notes for details.
23 September 2004
9 November 2004
NEW: Added support for partially trusted callers.
FIX: AlwaysShowMnemonics now applies to menu items as well as top level toolbar items.
FIX: Rapidly clicking on the MDI close button could result in a NullReferenceException under certain circumstances.
FIX: SP1 for .NET 1.1 broke the ComboBox in some cases, with an ArgumentNullException.
FIX: Tooltips could occasionally cause problems for some users.
FIX: When showing two forms one without showintaskbar, the second form could be activated when a menu on the first form was clicked.
FIX: Tooltip display behaviour fixed to avoid a rare exception.
FIX: MDI window management updated to cope with MDI children that are present but not visible.
31 July 2004
3 August 2004
8 August 2004
28 August 2004
NEW: Keyboard shortcut detection reworked to be more extensible and allow control authors to better integrate SandBar context menus.
NEW: Whidbey renderer introduced, renderer architecture slightly reworked.
NEW: All language strings moved in to SandBarLanguage class and are fully localisable.
FIX: Pressing the fourth button on a five-button mouse when over a menu could cause an exception to be thrown.
FIX: Unicode tooltips on toolbar items now work correctly.
FIX: Glyphs are now displayed in the system menu for an MDI child.

FIX: Keyboard shortcuts could sometimes be activated when focus was in a modal dialog owned by the main form.
FIX: SandBar menus now appear correctly over topmost windows.
FIX: Pressing Alt-Space in a form with SandBar menus could fail to display the system menu.
FIX: Changing the renderer or renderer properties could sometimes fail to redraw floating toolbars.
FIX: An exception could be thrown under certain circumstances when showing window icons in an MDI window list.
FIX: Tooltips are correctly displayed when toolbars are hosted in non-toplevel forms.

If you are upgrading to this release, you must read the release notes.
19 June 2004
12 July 2004
NEW: Toolbars have a Closed event, raised when the user closes the toolbar or the Close method is called.
FIX: DefaultText property on FlatComboBox is now marked localizable.
FIX: The show/hide toolbars menu now hides toolbars that are not closable (previous behaviour was to show disabled).
FIX: Holding down ctrl while dragging a floating toolbar prevents it from being docked.
FIX: Improved keyboard navigation in menus when form contains no enabled controls, and when alt is held down.
FIX: Context menus shown on a different monitor than their menubar now appear on the correct monitor.
FIX: Better support for dragging toolbars to new containers at design time, via their grab handles.
FIX: Restoring toolbar layouts could sometimes partially fail when ContainerBars were present.
IMPROVED: Mdi window management reworked to solidly support obscure changes in mdi state and handle recreation.
15 May 2004
FIX: MenuImageList property on DropDownMenuItem did not always function correctly.
FIX: The Activate event on DropDownMenuItem was not always raised correctly.
FIX: When using a SandBar context menu on a TreeView, the focus could break following dismissal of the menu with a click.
FIX: When using direct image assignment, the checkmark could still be displayed on a menu item.
FIX: IsOpen property on ToolBar was being needlessly serialized to code.
FIX: When cloning menu items their child menu items are now cloned too.
1 May 2004
NEW: Every toolbar item has its own Activate event, along with the standard ButtonClick event of the toolbar. This means both event models are now available.
NEW: ToolBar items support direct assignment of images to buttons, circumventing ImageLists and allowing high quality 32bit PNG images to be used successfully.
NEW: All toolbar and menu items have a CloneItem method.
NEW: MenuBarItems now have a ShowIconsOnMdiWindowList property.
NEW: ContainerBars now support user resizing.
NEW: Toolbars now have an IsOpen property that provides consistent visibility control functionality.
FIX: Disabled images shown in menus did not always have their image drawn correctly.
FIX: Conversion of menus was not offered if your form only contained ContextMenus.
FIX: An intermittent exception could be thrown when using the Slide menu animation.
FIX: MenuImageList was not always used in place of ImageList on DropDownMenuItems.
FIX: Menus could be hidden behind the taskbar and other docked tool windows.
FIX: A couple of graphical imperfections concerning button highlights, toolbar backgrounds and submenu indicators.
FIX: Double-clicking the mdi child icon now closes the active mdi window.
FIX: ToolBarContainers are no longer accessible by tabbing to them.
FIX: When a form had no controls enabled, some of the keyboard accessibility of the menuing system could fail.
FIX: SandBar context menus now work correctly on RichTextBoxes due to Windows Forms bug workaround.
FIX: When the taskbar was docked to the left-hand side of the screen, menu shadows could appear in the wrong place.
FIX: Design-time drawing of ComboBoxItems had slightly incorrect colours when the item was disabled.

If you are upgrading to this release, you must read the release notes.
13 March 2004
NEW: New control ContainerBar provides support for dockable container toolbars like the office task panes.
NEW: Menus now project horizontally from vertically aligned menubars instead of vertically.
NEW: Menus support fading and sliding animation while being displayed.
NEW: Importance property on toolbar items controls which items are hidden first when short of space.
NEW: The SandBar archive now contains a comprehensive reference in chm (compiled help) format.
FIX: Keyboard shortcuts involving the Alt key could sometimes be ignored.
FIX: When clicking on a menu item when the menu was already open the toolbar could sometimes start dragging.
FIX: The Control property on MenuPopupEventArgs was not set correctly for context menus.
FIX: An ObjectDisposedException could sometimes be thrown when repeatedly loading a FlatComboBox in the designer.
FIX: In some instances memory would not be freed during drawing resulting in large memory usage.
FIX: It was not possible to move a toolbar below a stretched menubar if the menubar was at the bottom of a layout.
FIX: Menu shadows now work on Windows 2000 as well as Windows XP, and are drawn in colour where appropriate.
FIX: Items consigned to the chevron menu would not always perform their actions when clicked.
IMPROVED: Office 2003 style rendering speed is approximately twice as fast as in previous versions.
2 March 2004
NEW: EnterMenuLoop and ExitMenuLoop events on MenuBar allow tracking of popup menu status.
NEW: Select event on MenuButtonItem allows information to be displayed on menu items as they are selected.
NEW: SandBarManager has a GetToolBars method that allows easy access to the list of toolbars in the layout.
FIX: Pressing the Alt or F10 keys now correctly sets focus to the menubar.
FIX: Pressing and holding the rightmost toolbar button could sometimes leave artifacts on the actions button.
FIX: Pressing the toolbar actions button when the add/remove buttons feature was disabled could still create menu.
FIX: It was sometimes possible to end up with more than one context menu displayed simultaneously.
FIX: DefaultText behaviour in FlatComboBox could sometimes cause text to be lost or shown incorrectly.
FIX: Unnecessary serialization could result in the MC++ visual designer not loading SandBar layouts correctly.
FIX: Designer support for menus improved in instances where clipping would normally occur (e.g. usercontrols).
REMOVED: Menus no longer transfer their Visible property to bound toolbar items. This is because toolbar buttons that had been hidden using the add/remove buttons feature could suddenly appear if their buddy menuitem's checked or enabled states changed.
28 January 2004
FIX: Shortcut keys could sometimes be processed even if the form with SandBar on was not the active form.
FIX: A bug in the previous release could prohibit a toolbar item's checked appearance from showing.
FIX: Dragging the caption of the active window while a menu was displayed did not dismiss the menu.
27 January 2004
NEW: Combo boxes on toolbars are now drawn at design time like they are at runtime.
NEW: IPopupMenuHost interface allows advanced users to display SandBar menus without needing a menubar.
FIX: Vertically-docked menu bars could sometimes lose menu items (bug introduced with right-to-left support).
FIX: Menu item visibility is no longer serialized when calling GetLayout() and requesting item visibility serialization.
FIX: A few minor issues surrounding keyboard accelerators in menu hierarchies.
FIX: Separators around invisible control containers were sometimes drawn when they shouldn't in vertical toolbars.
FIX: The FlatComboBox control sometimes failed to detect loss of focus and redraw itself appropriately.
FIX: Combo boxes were rendered with an orange highlight colour even if special highlighting colours were disabled.
FIX: Several improvements to the menu engine, focusing on keyboard navigation.
FIX: Considerable increase in speed of menu engine (responsiveness, drawing and layout).
18 January 2004
NEW: GetLayout now accepts a boolean parameter which indicates whether toolbar item visibility should also be saved.
NEW: SandBar now supports right-to-left menu layout for those locales that demand it.
NEW: Added Control property to MenuPopupEventArgs to make it possible to tell which control a context menu is being shown on.
FIX: Menu shortcuts that result in modal dialogs could sometimes insert the key pressed in to the focused control.
FIX: Certain numeric key shortcuts could have an extra letter in their textual description.
FIX: When adding and removing context menus at runtime, a reference was kept to the control when it didn't need to be.
30 December 2003
NEW: MenuBarItem now has an MdiWindowList property to enable automatic listing and switching of mdi children.
NEW: Disabling a ToolBarContainer now prevents toolbars from being docked there by the user.
NEW: Button's Text and ToolTipText properties are now marked as localisable.
FIX: ToolBars threw an exception when double-clicking their titlebars to redock them when floating.
FIX: When docking/undocking toolbars repeatedly the toolbar could become offset from the mouse cursor.
FIX: Right-clicking a toolbar button at design time now selects it and shows its context menu, rather than the toolbar's.
FIX: Clicking the dropdown portion of a dropdown menu item when it was already dropped would invoke the button.
FIX: Menus could be dropped down by hitting their accelerator without holding down alt, when focused on certain controls.
FIX: Closing the last mdi child did not always remove the mdi icon and buttons from the menubar.
FIX: Tag property is no longer serialized in code.
FIX: Buttons shown in the chevron menu would not always fire the appropriate event when clicked.
FIX: Moving the mouse over a disabled toplevel menu item when another was open would open that menu.
9 December 2003
NEW: Actions button is now displayed on the titlebar while a toolbar is floating.
NEW: All toolbar and menu items have a Tag property (object type).
NEW: LabelItems have a ForeColor property.
NEW: "Add or Remove Buttons" text can be localised with the AddRemoveButtonsText property.
NEW: MenuBackgroundColor property on the Office renderers allows customising of menu backgrounds.
NEW: ToolBars have a Stretch property, which indicates whether they will attempt to take up the whole row.
NEW: EnableTheming property replaced with ColorScheme property on Office2003Renderer. Potential breaking change.
NEW: ToolBars are now automatically converted by the designer as well as Menus.
NEW: Large margin width is now drawn on the Add/Remove Buttons menu.
NEW: ShowShortcutsInToolTips property on toolbars allows menu shortcuts to be displayed on toolbar button tooltips.
FIX: Menu shortcuts now work when the menu is undocked.
FIX: When converting existing menu structures, the Visible property is now copied.
FIX: Menus are sized and positioned according to the boundaries of the parent form while designing.
FIX: Menu items on toolbars and menus hosted in a UserControl are now designable.
FIX: Menu checkboxes are displayed in the correct colour for Office 2003 rendering.
FIX: Many small rendering issues fixed, colours now more accurately reflect the Office look.
FIX: Mouse cursor could sometimes remain as an I-beam when showing a context menu.
FIX: Menu accelerators could fire when the focus was in another window in the application.
FIX: Menu accelerators could override default processing of equivalent keys, such as Ctrl-V in textbox.
FIX: Stretched toolbars (such as menubars) can no longer be made to occupy the same line as a regular toolbar by dragging (can still be done programmatically).
FIX: An exception could be thrown when trying to open a menu with subitems that were all invisible.
FIX: SandBar sometimes misbehaved itself on versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000/XP.
24 November 2003
NEW: BorderColor property on Office2003Renderer allows access to the colour of toolbar borders.
NEW: GrabHandleColor property on Office2003Renderer allows access to the colour of the grab handle.
NEW: ShowSpecialHighlightColors property on Office2003Renderer enables forcing of themed highlight colors.
NEW: Menus are double buffered for flicker-free drawing.
FIX: An exception could sometimes be thrown upon minimising an application with a toolbar in.
FIX: DropDownMenuItem Text property is now serialized correctly, allowing items with no text.

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