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SandBar Release Notes

Version 1.0.12

Renderer Changes

The way renderers are assigned and kept track of has been updated slightly in this release, in order to solve a slow memory leak and bring the architecture in line with that of SandDock. This has the effect that your application will need to be rebuilt against this new build.

The StandardRenderer enumeration is gone, along with the ActiveRenderer property and SetActiveRenderer method. Instead the Renderer property is read/write, and renderer instances can be kept track of internally and disposed of much more efficiently.

Because of the missing ActiveRenderer property, any forms using the Office XP renderer will show a warning in the task list when they're first opened after referencing this build. This is safe to ignore, and all you have to do to reset it is use the new Renderer property. You still select the renderer from a dropdown list in the same fashion as before - although now you have the added option of the Whidbey renderer.

Localisable Text

Every text string within SandBar is now localisable, through the SandBarLanguage static class. This includes all tooltips and automatically generated menu items. Before this release, it was not possible to localise the text on the system menu for MDI children.

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