SandBar User Guide

This documentation is intended to be an introduction and user guide to the SandBar library. It will get you accustomed to working with the controls and integrating powerful toolbars, menus and other controls in to your application. For detailed documentation on specific topics and members, please refer to the class library documentation that was installed with the SandBar package.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. What is SandBar?
    2. SandBar Primary Components
    3. How a SandBar Layout is Formed
  2. SandBar Controls
    1. Toolbars
    2. Menus
    3. Task Panes
    4. Statusbars
    5. The FlatComboBox
  3. Using SandBar Items
    1. Available Item Types
    2. Images
    3. Context Menus
    4. Menu and Toolbar Merging