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Navisight Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

Next Release
NEW: Under .NET 2.0 all text is drawn with GDI rather than GDI+.
NEW: FocusOnClick property added to the ImageHyperlink class.
NEW: Aero color scheme is supported in ExplorerBar.
FIX: Resizing an ExplorerBar with panes that automatically laid out their children could cause the children to be laid out incorrectly.
14 January 2007
NEW: AutoFitContents property added to ExplorerBarPane so it can automatically assume the right size as its child controls change their size or visibility.
FIX: The Visible property of controls within an ExplorerBarPane was not taken account of when laying out those controls.
FIX: Under VS2005 the size of an ExplorerBarPane could be incorrect at runtime due to automatic scaling.
20 November 2005
NEW: ExplorerBar control introduced, to mimic the task-based user interface of Windows XP Explorer.
NEW: ImageHyperlink control introduced, the ideal companion for the ExplorerBar control. Can also be used standalone.
IMPROVED: The designer for NavigationBar has been improved to be more consistent with other "tabbed" style controls.
IMPROVED: The demonstration application has been rewritten to better show off the capabilities of the control suite.
February 2005
First release.

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