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Navisight Screenshots

There are four renderers included with Navisight - three for NavigationBar and one for ExplorerBar. NavigationBar has renderers for Office 2000, Office 2002 and Office 2003 appearance. ExplorerBar has the WindowsXPRenderer to provide an authentic feel. These renderers make it easy to instantly choose the look and feel that applies to your controls. The Office 2003 and WindowsXP renderers adapt automatically to look their best depending on what theme or visual style is active, or alternatively can be hard-wired to use a particular colour scheme.

You can also inherit from these renderers or write your own from scratch to take complete control of the drawing process. Every part of the Navisight controls' drawing process can be overridden and taken complete control of, for the ultimate custom user interface.

The Office 2003 renderer with the Windows XP "Luna Silver" theme used.

The Office 2003 renderer with the Windows XP "Luna Olive" theme used.

The Office 2003 renderer with the the classic Windows theme used.

The Office XP renderer.

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