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Navisight Designer Support

As with all Divelements products, the Navisight controls have the kind of design-time experience that makes them a pleasure for any developer to use. From the moment they are dropped on your form you have fully functional navigation and button bar components, and a few clicks later they are fully configured.

Once you have added a NavigationBar to your form it's easy to add more categories to it via designer verbs in the propertygrid. Switching between views is as easy at design time as it is at runtime, and you even get the animation. The control can therefore be completely set up visually like you would a tabbed dialog. Re-ordering categories is easy with the familiar send-to-back and bring-to-front commands.

The category designers support hosting any type of child controls. An additional grab handle is displayed the top right of the navigation bar at design time to make selecting it easier when its surface area is entirely covered with other windows.

ButtonBars also have a great deal of designer aid. They can be added standalone to any container, but when added to a navigation category they inherit its renderer settings and automatically occupy all available space in the category. Configuration of buttons is done visually, with no clunky collection editor dialogs. When more buttons are present than will fit in available screen space the control scrolls automatically.

Visual configuration of buttons allows them to be moved and copied with standard mouse operations. They can even be moved and copied between different buttonbars or even different navigation categories.

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