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Eyefinder Version History

Shown below is a complete history of the public releases of this product. Sections highlighted in blue represent maintenance releases that do not generally introduce any new features but address existing issues. Where available, you can view the release notes for a particular build.

Next Release
NEW: Cursor property added to DesktopAlert.
CHANGE: Maximum desktop alert duration raised from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
26 January 2007
NEW: NavigationContainer control introduced to simplify integrating an Eyefinder layout into your forms.
NEW: Office 2007 look and feel is now supported and default.
NEW: All text is now rendered with GDI when running under .NET 2.0.
NEW: When AllowDrop is set to true for the NavigationBar, dragging over a pane tab will select that pane.
NEW: Renderer property exposed on DesktopAlert.
FIX: On rare occasions the Cursor property of the NavigationBar could be set incorrectly in design mode.
CHANGE: All rendering classes moved from TD.Eyefinder to TD.Eyefinder.Rendering namespace.
16 November 2005
NEW: ShowingAlert and QueuedAlertCount properties exposed on DesktopAlert.
FIX: When showing a tooltip for a button with a keyboard mnemonic, the ampersand character would be shown.
FIX: Using the Eyefinder chevron menu on .NET 2.0 could result in a crash in some circumstances.
10 August 2005
NEW: Eyefinder supports desktop alerts, through the DesktopAlert class and TD.Eyefinder.Alerts namespace.
NEW: DocumentPresentation control to help make your application more closely mimic Outlook.
NEW: Right to left layout of all controls is fully supported.
IMPROVED: Eyefinder redistributable reduced in size considerably.
29 May 2005
NEW: BuddyPane property on HeaderControl allows HeaderControls to be automatically shown and hidden depending on whether their associated NavigationPage is selected. This property removes the need to do this in code.
NEW: Right to left layout of panes and headers is fully supported.
NEW: Keyboard accessibility added with mnemonic support.
NEW: DrawGripper property enables hiding of the gripper so the user is not able to visually change the number of panes shown.
FIX: Renderer instances that implemented IDisposable would not always be disposed correctly.
31 July 2004
7 August 2004
9 November 2004
NEW: Any size of image can be used for the LargeImage property of NavigationPanes.
FIX: Unicode tooltips are now supported.
FIX: Sometimes a TreeView or ListView's images could fail to show up when placed within a NavigationPane or HeaderControl.
CHANGE: Pane text colour now comes from the ForeColor property of the pane in question.

NEW: SelectedPaneChanging event allows cancellation of a pane changing event.
FIX: Occasionally panes could reorder themselves if their handles were not created (bug introduced with 1.0.4).
CHANGE: All localisable strings are now in the EyefinderLanguage static class for consistency.
NEW: Added support for partially trusted callers.
FIX: With DrawActionsButton set to false, its tooltip could still be displayed instead of another item's.
FIX: Occasionally on slower systems with the "roll" menu animation, the menu display could cause an exception.
1 May 2004
NEW: Navigation Panes can be disabled, preventing selection.
NEW: HeaderStyle property on HeaderControl allows access to the other kind of header seen in Outlook.
NEW: Image property on HeaderControl allows display of images in the header.
FIX: PNG images with alpha channels draw better in the chevron menu and add/remove buttons list.
FIX: Added Renderer property to HeaderControl (it was not exposed previously).
19 February 2004
NEW: Eyefinder no longer depends on SandBar.
NEW: HeaderControl is a simple container control that draws with a header similar to that of Eyefinder.
FIX: Pane buttons that go beyond the left-hand side of the control are moved in to the chevron menu.
28 January 2004
NEW: DrawActionsButton (on by default) can turn off the actions button shown at the bottom right.
FIX: It is now possible to remove an image assigned to a navigation pane using the property grid.
FIX: Eyefinder now works correctly in a TabControl.
21 January 2004
First release

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