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Product Showcase

Windows Forms is one of the best frameworks for deploying rich client applications today. Using GDI+ it is possible to create compelling interfaces that look good, draw fast and are intuitive and easy to use. The extensive designer architecture in .NET makes it possible for us to create products with an unprecedented level of design time integration.

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SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface

Our implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon user interface is lightweight, easy to use, and provides all the features necessary to implement the new user interface paradigm in your own applications.

SandGrid Data Visualization

A powerful, versatile list control for displaying and editing data in tabular and hierarchical form. Because of its special architecture it offers a compelling replacement for the standard ListView, TreeView and DataGridView controls.

SandDock Dockable Windows

Our award-winning window management software helps bring organization and intuitiveness to your application using techniques like dockable windows and tabbed documents, with an unparalleled designer experience.

SandBar Toolbars and Menus

Toolbars, menus, status bars and task panes that faithfully reproduce those of the Microsoft Office 2002, Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 interfaces. With great designer integration, this is our most mature product.

Wizard Framework

A framework for easily creating wizards that conform to the Wizard 97 specification and now also the Aero Wizard specification from Windows Vista. Designer support means configuring the flow of your wizard is easy.


A suite of controls designed to aid navigation through different types of data and present your application like Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007. It includes navigation bars and panes, a document border and a desktop alert component.


Designed to replicate the explorer panes and controls seen in Windows XP and upwards, the navigation panes in Outlook 2000/2002 and various types of toolbox.

Windows Presentation Foundation is a windowless presentation framework with many great capabilities for smooth animations and transitions, transforms and real 3D. Our controls suites take full advantage of these capabilities along with the advanced tools support in Visual Studio 2008 to provide compelling user interface toolkits.

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SandDock Dockable Windows and MDI

SandDock brings advanced windows management to your applications, making it easy to deal with multiple documents and views in your software by supporting techniques like docking, tabbing and floating for each window.

SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface

Our WPF ribbon control suite makes extensive use of platform features like animation, styling and templating to bring you a very robust implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon user interface.

SandShell Outlook and Explorer Controls

This control suite helps you create intuitive navigation-based user interfaces like the Microsoft Outlook shell. It also offers a powerful desktop alerting component and an ExplorerBar control.

Wizard Framework

A framework that makes it easy to add complex wizards with dynamic routing to your application. Both Wizard 97 and Aero Wizard with Glass styles are supported and automatically configured.

Silverlight is a brand new presentation framework loosely based upon Windows Presentation Foundation, but designed to run as a plugin inside web pages. Although it only supports a small subset of the WPF controls and platform, we were quick to become the first company to provide a rich windowing framework for it.

Find out why our Silverlight controls are the best

SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface

Our implementation of the Office 2007 fluent user interface contains everything you need to build web interfaces with fully-featured ribbons and associated controls. Popups and dynamic resizing are supported.

SandDock Dockable Windows

SandDock brings advanced windows management to your websites, allowing you to divide your applications into windows that can be docked, floating and collapsed by the user. Modal windows are also supported.

SandShell Outlook User Interface

These controls offer the task-based navigation user interface of Microsoft Outlook, offering a complete WunderBar control. Powerful alerting functionality is also supported.

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