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Posted 21 March 2018 (more news)

Introducing the new Aerial Photography feature in the forthcoming version of SkyDemon. This combines two old features (Airfield Explorer and Satellite View) into one comprehensive view of the world, with the emphasis on aeronautical features displayed on actual scenery. We've retained all the capabilities of these two previous features, including the ability to search for any street address or aeronautical waypoint and zoom right to it.

When looking at an airfield you'll see taxiways, holds, circuit patterns, noise abatement areas and more. You can zoom and tilt the camera to see how these airfield features relate to actual scenery, which is ideal for a pre-flight briefing to an unfamiliar airfield with strict traffic guidance. Use the What's Here menu for an airfield to zoom the camera to any airfield feature, from VRPs to runway thresholds.

The detailed scenery shown is perfect for creation and manipulation of user waypoints that relate to ground features. If you fly a helicopter, place a waypoint for landing at the precise location of your choice. Tap any user waypoint to unlock it, and then simply drag it to a new location. Use the What's Here menu to create, edit or delete user waypoints.

Our Map Ruler has been brought across too. Tap the ruler icon on the toolbar and you can measure any field to see if you can land there, or any runway or other ground feature. Once the ruler is displayed, move either end around as much as you like and tap to dismiss it.

Your planned route is also now displayed on top of the scenery, so you can rubber-band it as much as you like, just like on the main chart, only with reference to specific ground features.
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