Simpler Weight and Balance

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Posted 14 December 2016 (more news)

Weight and Balance can be tricky. We've noticed quite a few people struggle with getting their weight and balance profiles fully set up in SkyDemon, and actually a lot of you fly aircraft without the complexities of an acceptable loading envelope and centres of gravity for each loading point.

The next version of SkyDemon has a selectable weight and balance model for your aircraft, which you'll select when creating an aircraft profile. The simple model (default) means you just need to enter the empty and maximum weights, and that's it; SkyDemon will only warn if you're overweight. Next is the standard model, which is equivalent to what we had before and SkyDemon will also calculate your centre of gravity and ensure it's within the acceptable loading envelope. Lastly the helicopter model adds lateral centre of gravity too, and includes those calculations in the detailed output. Existing aircraft profiles will all use the standard model unless they're changed.

We think this will help those customers who fly simpler aircraft and don't want the bother of worrying about the centre of gravity for their loading points, and for whom our current warning - which says their aircraft is out of balance - is inappropriate.
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