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Posted 24 November 2016 (more news)

Do you use the "local flight" functionality in SkyDemon?

In the latest version (3.7, released earlier this week) we have improved upon this functionality as we've identified that a good proportion of flights undertaken by our users are from and to the same airfield, with no specific route planned. An enjoyable bimble around the sky, or a typical flying lesson.

The "local flight" functionality allows you to plan a flight within a certain radius of your takeoff and landing airfield. We now draw a clear circle using the standard magenta route colouring to indicate this radius, and both the NOTAM and Weather briefs update themselves to properly represent all hazards and bulletins available in the area.

In refining this feature we were actually able to remove the confusing NOTAM briefing options (where you could choose between narrow route or area brief) as these now automatically sync to the type of route you have planned. We love it when refining a feature means we get to remove confusing or unnecessary options!
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