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Posted 16 November 2016 (more news)

In the forthcoming version of SkyDemon, you no longer need to plan a route in order for weather and NOTAM information to be downloaded and shown on the map. As long as weather and NOTAM are turned on and you have an internet connection, you'll see them both represented on the map and automatically downloaded as you scroll around.

Previously, weather and NOTAM would only be downloaded for the region where your planned route actually went. This sometimes led to a two-stage process where only once you'd planned a route could you see that you might want to fly somewhere else.

This change has meant we've removed the old "Get Weather for Chart" option entirely, as all you need to do now is simply zoom out and all weather is there, just like in this picture.

The NOTAM and Weather tabs at the side of the screen remain unchanged, and they show detailed briefing information relating to enroute NOTAM and weather bulletins only.
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