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For the very latest news on what we're up to, please see our page on Facebook. We try to post the same news here and there, but on there we are able to directly solicit feedback and also provide pictures and links which better show what we're working on.

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Simpler Weight and Balance
14 December 2016

Weight and Balance can be tricky. We've noticed quite a few people struggle with getting their weight and balance profiles fully set up in SkyDemon, and actually a lot of you fly aircraft without the complexities of an acceptable loading envelope and centres of gravity for each loading point. The...

Holes in the Track Log
07 December 2016

Unfortunately, GPS isn't perfect and sometimes you'll lose your signal during flight. You can either fully lose the signal, where your position becomes unknown; or partially lose it, where usually just your altitude will become unknown. In the next version of SkyDemon we've done some work to make...

Local Flights
24 November 2016

Do you use the "local flight" functionality in SkyDemon? In the latest version (3.7, released earlier this week) we have improved upon this functionality as we've identified that a good proportion of flights undertaken by our users are from and to the same airfield, with no specific route plann...

Automatic Weather Download
16 November 2016

In the forthcoming version of SkyDemon, you no longer need to plan a route in order for weather and NOTAM information to be downloaded and shown on the map. As long as weather and NOTAM are turned on and you have an internet connection, you'll see them both represented on the map and automatically d...

New Servers
09 November 2016

We have recently put a lot of work into moving our service on to new servers. We've completed most of this work now, and most subscribers should have seen absolutely no disruption whatsoever while the work was in progress. The benefit of our services being on shiny new servers will be much faster...

German GAFOR Areas
10 October 2016

We finally solved it: German GAFOR area forecasts will be integrated in the next version of SkyDemon, due soon. GAFOR area forecasts are like the existing GAFOR route forecasts we have, except they apply to a geographical area instead of a route. For the area you get a simple forecast of closed, ...

Magenta or Not Magenta?
21 September 2016

Sometimes we go to a lot of effort to properly prototype a feature, so we can fully understand what it looks like and feels like to work with. We are aware that a lot of people do not use, or know about, the Flight Details tab where warnings about penetrations into airspace are shown when plannin...

Debriefing Pack
14 September 2016

Last week we wrote about the new Briefing Pack features coming in the imminent 3.6.4 release of SkyDemon. In the same release we've also taken advantage of our new printing engine to bring you the Debriefing Pack. A Debriefing Pack is intended to be used by instructors or anybody who takes other ...

New Briefing Pack
07 September 2016

In the forthcoming 3.6.4 version of SkyDemon we have completely overhauled our briefing pack creation feature. You can now create a briefing pack containing any of the SkyDemon briefing data you like, on any page size, with the option of split A5-on-A4 pages. All printed output has been optimised to...

LAA Rally
27 August 2016

We will be exhibiting next weekend at the LAA Rally, at Sywell Aerodrome, UK. The whole team will be there, and we will have some exciting new printing-related features to show off on the stand. Will you be coming along to say hi?

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